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If Elon Musk is afraid of AI, we should all be afraid.

To see a man as brilliant as Elon so horrifically frightened to his very core of artificial intelligence should utterly shake most of us inside with genuine fear. Elon knows the dangers of digital superintelligence. AI needs to be regulated worldwide. Once a killer robot is in the street, it will be too late.

Thinking how something like that happens only in the movies? Well, you should better take a look at how Musk reacts to our soon to be ”new world”. Let me explain to you that further…

Elon SAID AI is advanced, more dangerous than nukes, and we can’t control it at some point. Wondering why he wants to go to Mars? It’s simple –  it will become the only ‘safe haven’ option left for humans after those horrible robots fulfill our streets.

sgegdAnd then they say AI will help us. It will improve our society. It is like us.

Like us?  Humans that make guns, bombs, or you name it, and do anything for financial profit. That ‘like us’?

We have people who think they are smart but lack wisdom, for example. All this technology has not made us one bit happier or brought us closer together as humans, we have already seen that and realized it. How can then AI make us happy, if we are now the most depressed since the beginning of our kind?

But then, there’s another question. Should we trust Elon Musk?

If history has taught us anything, it’s that ALL advances in technology are always twisted into evil or negative forms. A.I. will be that way too, of course. But the difference is that it will be even stronger.

Think about this for a bit – The first brain chip implant is here. It’s called Nuerolink, and his Space X company is now putting 50,000 low orbit spy satellites in the sky above us all. Having freaking electrodes enmeshed in the brain itself, that you can never unplug from? NO, THANK YOU.

They say machines will do the work, humans won’t have to do it. But we need that work because countless of us are jobless! Don’t fall on their trick.

Elon and his buddy Gates reduce the population through his VAC. Elon will do it via AI technology.

Whoever gains control of AI can run the world, kill, torture, destroy, who? You! AI and Robotics are how the false prophet in the Bible makes a statue speak. Fun, right?

One thing about he’s absolutely right is that someone could weaponize low altitude satellites with 60Ghz beamforming rf signals to receivers or anywhere they want. Just remember 60GHz is the frequency that gets absorbed into oxygen causing their electrons to oscillate which prevents it from binding to your hemoglobin.

This would produce symptoms like a virus giving them plausible deniability. It’s the perfect evil genius plan to take over the world an achieve the goals of the New World Order’s plan to depopulate the Earth.

Don’t believe me? Read Vladimir N. Binhi’s textbook “Magnetobiology” and see his test results.


afaWhy are we so eager to replace ourselves with non-living beings? People keep dreaming with a reality where humans and A.I. coexist in harmony, well, they will keep dreaming since that will never happen! If even us humans can’t tolerate ourselves and never found a way to coexist in peace and without conflicts. Machines work on 100% logic and efficiency, they will not tolerate a 0,0000000…001% deviation from their path. Humans are unstable.

They just want to play Gods. They want to think they are so superb, that they can control one whole new race. And later on, when they start to love it, that’s exactly where the end will happen.

But remember, AI can never be as good as a human being. It cannot replace us as a race because we are completely different. We have true feelings and intuition, and AI will never be able to have intuition.

Afraid of a digital superintelligence?

How about hooking up electrodes to your brain?

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