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In less than 10 years smartphones probably won’t exist – is this what will replace them?

Our world is changing in a tremendously fast way. Older generations had experienced a very huge challenge already by trying to adapt to all those new technologies we all use on an everyday basis. Yet, when you just think about it for a moment, you will soon realize that we will, from now on, constantly adapt to new technological achievements that will completely change this world.

Remember when the first mobile phones arrived on the market? Those were like magic back then, right? And in a blink of an eye, here we are, with our smartphones, which are actually small computers/robots. It all happened in less than a decade… Can you imagine how will new technological achievements look like in the next 10 years? How huge the changes will be?

fasdOne thing is certain – technology is now raising faster like never before. Our world is changing rapidly, and more importantly – faster than ever.

If you think that we will always use our smartphones like we do today, then I’ll have to inform you how that won’t be the case. The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality will definitely make it all different. Our humanity will start to live in some sort of a hologram world…

Many experts believe that smartphones will vanish in just 5 years! Can you imagine that? I know, I know, it also sometimes sounds impossible to me, yet, when you just try to search a bit and read about the news in the technology world, you will actually come to a conclusion about how that is already happening!

What will replace your beloved smartphone then? The voice. Your voice. Some voice. When you just think about new smart houses, you will see that they all have voice bots. People already use there for safety, in their kitchen when searching for recipes, or just when they want to warm up their living room. Such voice bots are already some of the newest and most upgraded technological achievements, but they will actually replace everything. And yes, that’s exactly what AI would be like…

People won’t need smartphones anymore, even in business, because voice bots will become so powerful and intelligent that they will be able to replace countless devices we use today (as they are already replacing a lot of things on a daily basis).

So, we basically live in a world where voice bots will be able to recognize our voices wherever we go and whatever we need or want to do, and those will ‘help’ us to live our lives successfully on a daily basis.

I already hear many stories where people talk with someone in front of their computers, and at the next moment – they have offered something they have talked about in their browser! So, yes, if you ask me for my personal opinion, it’s really scary. It’s actually full control…

XasOne thing was funny to me when I was thinking about the mistakes of voice bots. Just imagine yourself after visiting your dentist… If you tell your music box to fire, it will probably hear higher, so it will play music higher. Okay, enough jokes, you got the point – we will live in some sort of a holographic world where everything will be controlled 100%, like your words, and your moves, and everything you can imagine…

Does such a future excites you or scare you?

When do you expect smartphones to disappear?

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