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Is Airline Seat Secretly Spying on You?

Have you ever wondered if someone is actually secretly watching you? We have all seen countless movies recorded on such topics, right? Is that just the fantasy or can it be real?

Unfortunately, that’s the truth. No, it is not another idea for some movie, it is real life! If you didn’t know, many airlines actually have such technology which is installed in literally every seat and is able to ”see” every single passenger! Why would anyone spy on you when you are just sleeping on a cross-country?

zdfvsdfIt was recently reported how someone actually posted some photos of that ”interesting sensor”. It was seen at Singapore Airlines flight. One passenger found a device which looked suspicious in some way to him. When he took another look, he realized how it looks like a camera lens. It was embedded just below the IFE, the inflight entertainment system on the headrest that was in front of this man. How did the airline react when this man reported that he found a camera?

They have admitted how that actually was a camera, but they have also claimed how the cameras are there for some future developments. They have also added how the cameras are permanently disabled and how those also cannot be even activated on board. Well, we are not so sure about that… Actually, that is just one huge lie!

CNN reached many airlines, both domestic and international (American, Delta, JetBlue…) and they have all confirmed how their cameras are dormant. Also, American Airlines claims how these cameras are their ”standard feature” of every IFE system. Can you even imagine that? It seems like how they are kidding with us in some very bad way… Who can even believe in this?

Although this news may surprise everyone, and especially the passengers, this all has actually been an ”open secret” for a while.

Also, I want to remind you of something that has happened just two years ago. Panasonic Avionics has proudly debuted a high-tech version of their new IFE for Emirates airlines. It, of course, included a camera, a microphone, and a speaker.

What do you think, will the third parties come to an idea to hack these cameras? Well, it may happen… We all know how it is possible for them to hack many famous devices, like Apple and Amazon. Therefore, they are able to listen to our most private conversations.

Why is this happening globally? It seems like how they are constantly following us literally wherever we go and whatever we do. Do you feel how THEY are constantly watching us? Who are THEY at all? Well, you know that already, don’t you? The Government has some bigger plans… They want to control us in any way possible.

If you want to escape this in any way possible, know how the restrooms are the only places left which are not under surveillance. These cameras are surrounding a few alarms.

hgfjuOverall, this all doesn’t sound good. Everyone normal would get nervous about this, right? You know how they say-if you have nothing to hide, why are you worried then? But that has nothing to do with that. They cannot lie to us this way.

Do you think how everything with the ”camera thing” went too far?

How do you imagine our lives to look like in the recent future-will we be constantly monitored?

Or is it happening already?

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