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Get all the information you need about iPhone 11 at once place!

It seems like how everyone is talking about Apple these days! New iPhone 11 has been released and the users have hurried to get their own new and revolutionary mobile device.

In this article, I will share everything you need to know and everything that interests you about this new Apple’s iPhone model. So, let’s start, I know that you are excited!

asdasdThe first thing I would like to tell about iPhone 11 is that it is called the last ‘affordable’ iPhone you will be able to get ever again. Pre-orders were available since September the 13th, but it will be officially out on September 20. You will be able (if you haven’t already) to get your new mobile device for $699.

Let’s talk about its display and design for a little bit. You are able to get an iPhone 11 in different colors, like green, yellow, white, purple, product red, and black. If you expect to get a 3.5mm headphone jack, I will have to tell you how that part has been dropped out.

Its Liquid Retina display is 6.1-inch long. Those who have ‘last year’s iPhone’ can expect it to look like the same to this one.

When it comes to dimensions of this new device, it is 150.9mm x 75.7mm x 8.3mm big. And about weight, iPhone 11 is only 194 grams.

People have been asking if it is also water-resistant, and here are good news – it is. Besides that, it comes with the IP68 rating. Even taking a shower with iPhone 11 is possible now!

Apple definitely put a huge focus on the new camera as well. When it comes to cheaper iPhones, those didn’t have dual-lens sensors before, but now they do. The camera has a 26mm lens and is 12MP wide. Yet, that’s not all. If you decide to get an iPhone 11 for yourself, you can expect to get another 12 PM paired camera of the same qualities. Night mode? Yes, it’s finally here!

Reducing noise in your images and improving brightness is another great thing you can expect to get from Apple’s new and updated camera for cheaper iPhone devices.

For the video, you can expect to record amazing memories now with 4K video recording mode. Time-lapse and slow mode are also included.

Love taking selfies? If that’s the case, you will be pleasantly surprised to hear how new iPhone 11 has 12MP TrueDepth camera for that purpose. Rotating your new phone will help you create an even wider images.

adasdd You can also expect to get this new phone in different options. Will you choose your new iPhone 11 in  64GB, 128GB, or will it be 256GB? Of course, the prices for these three devices will be a little bit different, yet, you can still expect this new version of the iPhone to be considered cheap whatever your choice will be.

Overall, it seems like how Apple has decided to think about those who don’t like to spend so much money on some branded mobile device. Anyways, the company has really put a lot of effort into the camera and I believe how the customers will be completely satisfied with their new updates.

Do you use an Apple mobile device?

What are the qualities it has that you admire the most?

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