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540 million Facebook users identities breached

It seems like how Facebook cannot be without trouble for a while. What happened now? Third parties have stolen Facebook data, according to one cybersecurity company. These troubling new incidents have brought the improper usage of the data. It is also being stored.

Are the users informed about this? Well, there’s one more problem there. Facebook’s policy about private user information made it almost impossible to inform them. What has Zuckerberg said? Of course, as always, he claims how it won’t happen again. Is that enough?

Well, not really. What if the data has been sold to the highest bidder? Who would believe that this was an accident or hack? No one who thinks about the situation more than a minute, right?

zsfsfWe all know how Facebook is not innocent. Are they testing people? If they don’t react to this, that means how Facebook can do whatever it wants, right?

What about the EU GDPR laws? Such privacy data breach deserves some serious penalties. How can people even stay on such a platform which has so many data breaches?

What do you really think about Facebook? Do you think of it as some social media platform which helps you to connect with people you like? Well, it’s not just that. We all know how it is actually spying on us. Your data can be lost and stolen in literally every moment. As it has happened again, right?

Have you read George Orwell’s book, 1984? Is Big Brother watching us? That man definitely knew how our society will look like. At some point, they will even control what you think. Some mind policy will come…

It seems like how people actually don’t know how to protect their privacy. Only some of the users know how to use some tools and mask their identity. Why are you using this platform?

As mentioned above, you will probably think about how you are using it for fun and communication. But, have you asked yourself-do you share too many information there? Of course, the same goes for Instagram, Twitter, and you name it social media platforms.

People are constantly trying to impress everyone on those social media platforms. It seems like how they are ready to sell their identities just for a few Facebook likes. How far did this all go? Do you realize how huge the problem is? And what about children? They use these social media platforms too. If adults don’t think about privacy, just imagine how children behave then. They are not even aware of the danger. They see everyone using Facebook and other social media platforms. It became a must nowadays. If you don’t have Facebook, it’s almost like you are not alive.

I remember my friends being totally shocked when I told them I closed my Facebook account. Everyone was like:”But why?” I felt like I did something bad. Now you realize how far it all went with it.

xvfsdThere is definitely no intelligent agency that is able to achieve what Facebook did. Foolish people are posting their most precious life moments on Facebook, together with the videos and pictures.

The truth is, data was never safe. This breach is what they tell us.


Imagine how many other data thefts has already happened?

Are you aware of the danger?

Can people imagine what may happen with their personal information at all?

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