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Who are anti-natalists and how they may impact new Millennials & overall future of mankind?

You have already probably realized how fewer and fewer people want to have children. To be completely honest and clear about one thing before we even start – I don’t judge anyone. We all have our choices in this life. I always believe in the positive sides of human nature. Therefore, I believe that everyone does the best they can do.

asdasYet, times have really changed a lot. It seems like how old values are not popular anymore. We are surrounded by new mental disorders which all come from some sorts of narcissism. People became selfish. They care about themselves only. They don’t like to share anything anymore.

So, what really happened? Our modern society brought something completely new into our lives – anti-natalists. How does that sound to you? Anti-natalists = anti-life? Is that really its meaning?

Well, in some sort. People who call themselves anti-natalists don’t have to be evil. They just don’t want to have children. Anti-natalists also believe how no one should have children.

Why? There are many reasons for that. For example, some of their main reasons talk about humans ruining this planet, they talk about the horrible future our children will meet, and they claim how this world isn’t a safe place anymore.

To be completely honest with you, I am also really worried about the future generations and the future of my children. But, I don’t think that no one should have children anymore.

Overall, this thing is real. It is powerful. There are countless groups on Reddit and Facebook which are lead by anti-natalists that are trying to inspire people to think their way. They always have numerous reasons why people should stop having children once and for all. Some of them, the extreme ones, believe how humankind should actually extinct.

My personal opinion about that is how we really make a lot of damage to our beloved planet Earth. Many people also don’t really care about the future of the overall mankind. So, anti-natalists claim how people, in general, are selfish and cruel, and other people claim how anti-natalists are selfish and cruel?

Let’s imagine what would happen if we all stop having children once and for all. What may happen? We will just extinct. Anti-natalists believe how that would be the best option because in that case, we will finally leave this planet to live a peaceful life once again. We will stop ruining nature. We will stop killing animals.

I often think like them. I am really angry at mankind. We are acting really selfish and not thinking about the future. Yet, I cannot say that I don’t want to have children. I do want, but I also do want a better place for them to live in.

So, what would be the result of their propaganda? What would happen if they get too many followers? We see that people nowadays don’t want to have children because of different reasons (which I don’t blame).

adfdafdI believe how not much would change. There are many of us. We won’t have enough of drinkable water soon, that’s the truth. Think of some other examples and you will get the point.

So, besides their violent propaganda, I believe how anti-natalists cannot do much harm to this planet. It would be best if everyone thinks about their children and their future before even having them. Besides that, we all must really think more about our beloved planet home.

Have you heard of anti-natalists before?

What is your personal opinion on this topic?

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