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Too Much Good Healthy Food Can Kill You

There is a brand new warning for those individuals too involved with eating healthy. You’ll find yourself developing orthorexia.  It’s an illness that begins with an extreme obsession with healthy eating then turns into obsession. At its worst, the illness causes orthorexics to cut out entire categories of food, like crabs or fats. It will result in a deficiency disease, say medical experts.

The term orthorexia was coined by Steven Bratman, MD, a physician in Fort Collins, Colorado, to explain the fixation on healthy eating which will be a cross between an eating disorder and psychoneurotic compulsive behavior.

xgfdgfgfWater is important for life and that we need to consume it in order to remain healthy but when an excessive amount of is taken its well-known to kill. That was driven home once dizziness and unwell feelings have had me involuntarily taking it easy. Sometimes my legs were too serious and tried to steer whereas my arms want they’re being dragged from their sockets. My sole respite has been doing more in the garden with frequent brakes.

During the cold winter months, it’s natural to show good leafy green vegetables and therefore the oft promoted super food. It had been with nice pride and joy that my patch sports them in abundance. Bok Choy, which grows thus fast, one can choose, leaves every day whereas it thrives. Kale, that never looks to be a bother to grow, and spinach, that is my favorite.

From around the start of winter, they became my staples nightly. Knowing the benefits they offer with their super abundance of essential components and vitamins a brief burst of warmth within the microwave had them able to eat.

Following the nightly meal, it’s a treat to cosset my abdomen with food and blueberries. Delicious and Moorish even the cats’ front up to lick the plate. Almonds are another staple counseled by dieticians for a healthy gut.

So with all this goodness within why is my body letting me down. Tired aching muscles, nausea feelings and then the dizziness that has usually sent me spinning towards a chair.

Doctors, Naturopaths, PT trainers, and other all recommended different causes. From stones within the ears to a broken shoulder everything was recommended however nothing appeared to fit.

As a religious person it’s traditional on behalf of me to consult the Spirit for answers and that they came thick and quick. Looking at the Bok Choy waving its beautiful leaves amidst the opposite nice foods it hit me. What’s it that vegetable that might make me sick.

It has been like poisoning whereby my brain becomes cloudy then my body feels wobbly. Led to the net the riddle was shortly resolved.

zvzvsWhile Bok Choy, kale, spinach, etc. are super foods with elements to dam cancer growth and even forestall diabetes, they contain a high quantity of potassium. Symptoms of an excessive amount of that part precisely match mine. Lethargy, nausea, and dizziness are a part of it. Almond milk and kooky also are packed with it, as to is milk and different staples, together with eggs.

The danger of an abundance of potassium ends up in heart attacks and different things. The lesson that an excessive amount of good healthy food will kill you has been learned. The nice Spirit has all over again protected me because it will all who are religious. All one desires do is raise it as an acquaintance for answers and it seldom helps you to down.

Let’s face it. Nothing is safe. If we tend to hear specialists, all foods cause cancer. The sun causes cancer. Probably the moon causes cancer, too. Life causes cancer.

It’s time for individuals to prevent obsessing concerning healthy eating and instead move forward with the understanding that all things are okay in moderation.

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