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Does the Demon speak through technology?

With the development of technology, the level of education, knowledge, and communication decreased.

In a world where Facebook has 800 million active users, according to its website, it’s easy to assume that people’s lives revolve around this medium. Most Millennials can’t wait more than five minutes before checking their cell phone, email, or Facebook pages. However, society rarely thinks about the consequences of this technological lifestyle. Technology is changing the way the world works: the way people communicate, learn, and behave.

Technology has caused more harm than good. Due to a lack of communication skills, we are unable to solve problems.

90% of the signals people receive are non-verbal, meaning people react more to what they see, such as B. body language, tone of voice, etc., and only 10% are verbal. People need to learn a new way of communicating online as non-verbal skills are limited or even lost.

Verbal communication is not the only skill that will suffer from technology: grammar and writing will also suffer.

Halloween features a familiar cast of spooky characters: ghosts, witches, zombies, goblins, and demons. But what is a demon anyway? Christians today often describe them as fallen angels, servants of the most famous of all ancient angels, Satan. However, New Testament scholar Dale Basil Martin writes that no such connection existed in ancient Jewish thought or even among early Christians.

The ancient Greeks used the word daimon to refer to gods, especially minor gods or intermediate supernatural beings, as well as the souls of the dead. A daemon might also be a supernatural entity that causes disease, or the disease itself. Daimons could possess humans, causing madness. But philosophers generally saw daemons as exclusively good. And even regular people viewed them not as evil incarnate but as capricious creatures who needed sacrifices to mollify them.

The devil has power over everything electrical. For example, if the location is infected and you want to report its presence, the lights will usually flash. When I give a lecture and use a device, the devil easily turns it off because he is an expert in everything related to electricity.

But more than the threats, Syquia is worried about how the devil is using modern technology to lure young people online, especially during lockdown when they spend hours unsupervised in cyberspace.

A 2000 study found that children between the ages of 10 and 17 had only a third as many face-to-face interactions with other people as similar age groups in previous generations.

When a person isolates himself, the devil begins to work in his mind. The young man starts having all these thoughts that make him feel depressed and alone. Only 30% have contact with people. That’s what the devil wants.

Spending a lot of time surfing the Internet can put a young mind into a hypnotic trance and open itself to demonic influences and autosuggestions.

The devil attacks people on different levels. The temptations we face every day are considered ordinary attacks.

A person’s imagination can also be attacked by demonic, sexual, and blasphemous images. Memory can be exploited by triggering compulsive memories of past mistakes.

The worst attacks can lead to unexplained illnesses or tumors as well as unusual accidents. Sleep can be interrupted by night terrors and sexual attacks from an incubus (male spirit) or a succubus (female spirit). Ultimately, relationships at home and work may suffer, further isolating the person from others. Companies can and will fail.

The most severe form of a demonic attack is possession, in which the devil or various evil spirits take over a person’s body and force them to do humanly impossible things that the person will not remember even for a moment if the crisis is over.

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