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A technology of illusion: Virtual Reality, and its impact

Is this how things will be in the not-so-distant future? Are we already living in this type of computer world without realizing it? The prison where we all are born becomes day by day – hour by hour visible! 

I hoped that this wasn’t the truth (our reality today). Sometimes, I ask myself “how can people fall for this?”. Not just because they’re foolish, it’s because they’re ignorant, arrogant. Falling into a trap like that Virtual property is an oxymoron. People shopping, buying property, and going to events in virtual reality are dumb. Seems more like slavery when you pay for something that does not exist when there are zero limitations.

When you set limitations in “free” unlimited zones you create a form of control and slavery when you associate and consume the nothingness when you should have free roam and build what you want whenever.  VR to a lot of people is nothing but hype. Even if the cost is low, it’s a gimmick to MOST people and can never replace the real world.

Having a small screen on your face looking at graphics years ago feels unnatural and will make people sick after a short while. Digital real estate is a risky investment because one would be choosing to play Russian Roulette with their sanity by participating in such nonsense. Why would people spend their money on something that doesn’t exist? Many people will not want to live in a virtual world. To me, this is illogical. Ridiculous buying virtual reality property doesn’t make sense.

People have got to be brainwashed to even give this a moment to contemplate it for a second. They want people to disconnect with each other; this is why these psychopaths are destroying regular businesses. I like technology, but it needs to enhance the human experience, not replace the human. I can’t believe that they are forcing this virtual reality crap down our throats!

I’ve noticed that Facebook has been heavily pushing these stupid avatars the last year or so. This is leading straight to the Beast system. What a nightmare!  These virtual worlds will only give the powers that be even more power. In a virtual world, everything you do can be potentially tracked and monitored, far more than it already is. It will be a digital prison, not a virtual paradise like they claim it to be.

We’re in hell already! Yeah, it’s a “wonderful” ILLUSION! You have to be full-blown Reee-taaaaarded and have zero ideas who you are (such as a human being) to WANT this reality!

I don’t like sales people following me around in stores. Imagine you have a demonic voice following you around the store telling you what you need, what you have. I have never been into video games and the thought of hearing a voice being at my grocery shopping experience. ugh NO! And don’t tell me what I need or don’t need. If I want milk I will buy milk.

The truth is it’s happening already with the kids playing Roblox, they buy V-bucks so they can buy things like clothes for their avatar. It’s just getting them ready for all this; Parents should refuse to give their kids money to spend on these games and buying virtual things. I tell my friends’ kids to keep their money and buy something real and the kids get so upset. It is terrible what’s happening. I fear what things are going to be like for them in 15/20 years from now, I feel for the children who aren’t being protected by their parents.

Buying digital land is the dumbest thing I can imagine. A refrigerator can keep track of the goods that are in it.  I was like wow people don’t want ANY type of privacy. This is ridiculous. It also shows us that they have a little ways to go on this virtual crap, (at least rolling it out), Now considering that Walmart shopping experience looks like how the internet looked in the ’90s. Very “futuristic” This reminds me of that horrible evil show, Black Mirror.

The episodes where the two friends are dudes play some kind of Mortal Kombat virtual game. In the game, one of them played a girl character and the other one was a boy, so they ended up having sex with each other and every day it became like an addiction for them to go into this virtual game to have sex with each other. It was just disgusting and horrible. I wouldn’t doubt that’s how it’s going to be in the future.

Where people can go in their virtual realities and it’ll be just as real as if you’re there. Ready Player One was written to depict a dystopia. The film adaptation was crap that was watered down to make it look better than had been written. The main character is indoors so much that he suffers psychologically and physically. Psychologically he hates interacting with real people. He is completely hairless and pasty-skinned.    

Once the virtual world can replicate sexual interaction it’s all over. It seems like it’s going to be addictive too. Like once you get in it, it’ll be hard to get out. It was like that for my friend with a candy crush. I can’t believe that people are buying into this crap and that they are going to spend real money. 

One EMP attack to take all this tech down, but we know that won’t be allowed to happen. We are already in this kind of trap. The fact that we wake up to the same thing every day is part of the trap.

First of all, there hasn’t been a machine, software, or any mechanical device that hasn’t broken down completely, needed maintenance, or needed to be repaired. Not one; ever. Sure, some last for years without problems, but eventually they will need one of those things mentioned above. What are these mad scientists going to do when this software is up and running and one day the system crashes? This is pure insanity. It’s way beyond that. They’ve taken INSANITY to a whole new level.

The Digital world is the next level. Sleep is the way the world is supposed to be. When we are aware of our dreams in sleep we are free to choose what we see each night and have full control to experience it and then if we decide to go back to the all-knowing state we may. In the dream state, you aren’t trapped by anyone except your mind; nothing is done against your own will.

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