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Children and technology-is our IQ dropping?

The technology is expanding in miraculously fast ways. We are the witnesses of a changing society with a different way of thinking. If you have thought about how people are becoming more and more smarter because of technology, you will need to reassess your beliefs about that fact.

The truth is, IQ scores are not becoming higher, but dropping for literally decades. What went wrong? What is about our children? Do they think in a different way?

Unfortunately, yes. Just try to remember your mind and behaviors when you were a child. How were you? Curious? Active? Exactly. Nowadays generations don’t actually think about the information in the same way as we did. Technology is definitely the one to blame.

sdfLet’s try to explain that on simple school homework. Imagine getting a puzzle task for your homework. What would you do? Think about it for so long until you figure it out? Yes, that’s right. That is called logic, creativity, own way of thinking and so on.

Nowadays children don’t need to search for a solution. Everything they want to find out they can ”just Google”. So, they want the answers and they want it NOW. Nothing is exciting and nothing drags their attention. Or is there something?

The differences between nowadays generations and elders are just enormous. Children are interested in only high-tech fun and they aren’t that creative anymore.

For so long, I have wondered how is that possible how in the era of the highest technological achievements we don’t have such great scientists as we had hundreds of years ago. At first, I have thought about how everything we need or can discover is actually already discovered. But that’s not the truth. We all know that.

Creativity and logic aren’t the only problems nowadays generations have. They are literally not interested in anything in a normal measure anymore. If you bring them food, it must be something very delicious. We can see children not eating vegetables for years! They just want everything fast and they want it to be extra special.

The same goes for friendships. They barely talk as we did. Social media made it all different. They don’t even miss someone. How can you actually miss someone if you are constantly ”seeing” them online?

Their games are also different. Just remember your childhood games. We were so creative and friendly. That has changed too.

Whatever you offer nowadays generations, they just lose their interest. Why is that so? Probably because technology is always offering something so-called ”better than life”!

How will our future look like? I don’t want you to get me wrong, I don’t think all children are like that, but I am talking about statistics and scientific research. We cannot doubt that.

asdsaHow do your children spend their free time? Are parents are the ones who are responsible for this too? It seems like how it is easier to give a smartphone to a child than to teach him or her something. I think of how parents find that much easier. When you ask them:”Why is your 4-year-old child playing games on your smartphone?”, they will just tell you how the times are different and how that is completely normal.

But, is that normal?

Are children spending enough time outside of their homes?

Do they use technology too much?

If they do, are they using it in the wrong way?

Technology is great but not that effective if not used properly. The consequences can be huge. Think about that.

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