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Is it safe to travel? How does coronavirus spread? Should I buy a face mask?

Coronavirus has definitely become the most important topic all around the globe these days. Yet, it seems like how countless people still aren’t properly informed about it and don’t know how to behave properly.

Let’s start with just one important reminder for everyone – don’t go to cruise during virus peak season. You are not only risking your own life but also million or billion of lives because of your selfishness or misbehaving.

The overall fatality rate in China is 3.9% (Wuhan is higher than that and outside Wuhan is much lower). The fatality rate in Italy now is almost 6%, which means their medical system is overwhelmed (just like what happened in Wuhan).

This is a really serious disease so spreading must be contained otherwise hospital will be swamped, if 80% of patients recover by themselves, there is still 20% needs to be hospitalized… Think about it for a moment.

gfjAnd now, it’s all over Europe. Is this a test for martial law? Italy announced a sweeping quarantine early Sunday for its northern regions, igniting travel chaos as it restricted the movements of about 16 million people, or one-quarter of its people, in a bid to halt the new coronavirus’ spread across Europe

It is now in all countries in the world, but they don’t report them. For example, in Greece.

If Italy has it, neighboring Greece has it too. But they are afraid to lose the tourists, so they don’t say anything about it. They will go bankrupt if tourists stop going there.

Coronavirus is like the invasion of body snatchers. This new plague inc seems pretty realistic  This is a great way to truly dump the Global Economy. It’s shutting down businesses.

In Canada, anybody is still welcome to travel there. Canada airports are definitely not taking this seriously. {Just the flu} for them. It’s money over human life…

Canada didn’t close the borders because it’s not necessary. Today it still doesn’t want to close borders because it’s too late or because Canada doesn’t have a major problem with the virus, yet.

The USA is completely failing the human race thanks to Trump and Pence.

In Serbia, for example, people are joking with the virus. The saddest thing is that many people don’t even have some basic health knowledge. I am not worried if I will get the virus, I probably will. I am worried about people misbehaving and spreading it, I am worried about the equipment and therapy needed for each patient. They don’t have it enough!

So, no, don’t travel. It is not safe! Coronavirus spreads through sneezing and coughing, but you can also get it from just shaking someone’s hand. Besides that, you don’t even have to shake someone’s hand sometimes to be infected, you can just stand one or two meters near the infected person. Please think about it.

It can be also spread through some of the dirtiest things that surround us, like in the public transports or ATM machines. And shopping? Just forget about it.

You should buy a face mask, but it cannot protect you when outside. Yet, it is highly recommended to wear it in some crowded places, when you are inside (if you must go there!).

fhgfThe media has played a very strong role in scaring the populace as a whole, and it is quite eye-opening.  WHY?

Is corona is a hoax, the question is what we are being distracted from?

Are pro-vaccine people who regularly get seasonal flu shots are at a much higher risk?

Or, if the virus spreads so much, who it is to blame? People who didn’t behave well? Doctors? Law?

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