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The U.S. banning downloads of WeChat, TikTok, citing national security – Mean Data Risk

The U.S. Commerce Department has issued an order that will bar people in the United States from downloading Chinese-owned apps WeChat and TikTok, starting late this week. The truth is that we were able to see something like that coming, but they somehow always surprise me with a new, stupid decision.

What a free country to live in, don’t you think? How can one man decide for the entire nation something like that?

Although I don’t use any of these apps, I can’t see why our government thinks this is an appropriate thing to do. The first question that comes to my mind is – Can this actually be an excellent decision? Maybe, because only FB should be allowed to collect your data. But that’s still a huge thing to be done for everyone.

afJust think about all those people who earn money by influencing others. What are they going to do without all their followers? 100 million users will have to face some new issues because of that.

But, as always, we have to think about one more thing – yes, you’re right – this is all politics! America always represents China in one way, and I am pretty sure that you are familiar with it. China is bad, the USA is good.

However, most people believe that the USA is the most dangerous country in the world and American companies do the same thing with your data. People should read application security reports for both Facebook and TikTok and then compare the two. You’ll change your mind. But the truth is that no one reads those reports and later they end up surprised.

WeChat is essentially a supercharged version of WhatsApp and is mainly used as a messaging/(video) calling app WITH a money transfer feature. For immigrants and people who are working/studying abroad, it’s essentially the only means of instant communication. This is definitely just another big step towards a digital iron curtain, but let’s be clear – this is never about the security of the people, it’s all about his political leverage for the upcoming election.

I wonder how many other stupid things will do in the next few months.

Let’s repeat again why this is all happening – it has nothing to do with national security, it is all about business.

Oracle‘s boss and Mr. Trump is a good friend but Microsoft is not taking shares at an extremely low price. Why not?

sxfverIs there something we can do about this to change it? The solution is to install a VPN and continue to use these apps if you need them.

DATA. DATA, DATA… That’s why the USA is doing stupid things like this. Every time you click on one of those apps information about the user in the US goes to the company in China. So, basically everything you do while you are online is being collected. Will they later sell the data?

In this world of madness, know that you still have a choice to do the right thing. There’s always a solution. For this problem, as said above already, you can use a VPN.

Do you prefer the Chinese government spying on YOU over the US government doing the same?

What will happen with all the collected data?

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