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Will people stand against mandated vaccines?

More and more countries all around the globe are bringing new rules related to vaccines and everything related to the coronavirus pandemic. It seems like how things have gone a bit too serious. We have children being vaccinated, governments talking about mandatory vaccines, and many other rules are coming that will control our lives.

You must admit, when your job is at risk over a vaccine it’s time to admit you’re not free. Unfortunately, we are living in times when intelligent people must be silenced so as not to offend ignorant people! Governments worldwide say that they are very concerned about people and their health, oh are you really? Why are our politicians and government officials becoming our doctors and playing God?

Shutdowns, mask mandates, and most importantly, vaccines will obviously impact our lives from now on. Let’s make one thing clear first – If the vaccine works, why should the vaccinated be afraid of the unvaccinated? Oh, it actually doesn’t work that well as they thought in the first place.

An expert that was in a team that has invented AstraZeneca recently claimed that they’ve realized how reaching herd immunity is not possible, not even with the vaccines. So, this so-called Delta variant is stronger than what they’ve invented. What happens next, I guess, is that they will ”upgrade” Pfizer or some other vaccine to even get more money from it. What consequences will that be left on people, no one cares…

wefdwefMost of us were taught about avoiding peer pressure and experimenting with drugs, remember? These people are pushing their needles harder than the heroin dealers on the streets. Suspicious, isn’t it? ”We can’t force you to take the shot, but some employers won’t let you work unless you’re vaccinated”, that’s what they say. Isn’t that forcing you to take the shot? So, we who have jobs and responsibilities will be obligated to get that vaccine, right?

What exactly is freedom when it is demanded of you by someone? No one asked the Federal Government to spend trillions of dollars to “keep us safe”. NO ONE ASKED. Let the people revolt and express their disapproval of the nonsense. It is perfectly rational to refuse the injection of something that can potentially cause life-threatening and devastating side effects. If a woman can decide and choose whether or not she wants an abortion, that woman should have the right to choose whether or not she wants an unknown and unfamiliar potentially dangerous substance in her body. Her body, her choice? Does anyone remember?

My body is my choice as well. ”The government has spent trillions of dollars to protect people”. NO, the government has spent trillions of dollars on the US PEOPLE MONEY. The Government is like your kid… You give them money you work for and they think they earned it. If companies require people to get vaccinated to be able to keep their jobs, the companies should be held liable for any adverse reactions. Employees should be able to sue the companies for pain and suffering from adverse reactions.

Pharmaceutical companies have immunity from lawsuits. If the vaccine is as safe as the liberal politicians and liberal media want us to believe, why do the manufacturers have protection from lawsuits?  France, Switzerland, Italy, and Australia are already on their feet and don’t want to take this pressure anymore! Can all countries follow their example? Let’s stop this madness once and for all!

People must get united and organized because we can’t let a few people in control take our freedom away.

They say you comply with the vaccines because you want it to end, but because of your compliance, it will never end. They will keep coming out with new variants to keep this scam-demic going on. Denying anybody employment, food, or any other security because they won’t take the vaccine is discrimination!

Employers should consider this: if they require the vaccination from an employee to work and the employee’s health suffers from the vaccine, the employer becomes liable/responsible under worker’s comp for their employee’s care and maintenance according to OSHA.

wrwrI have always said FREEdom is not FREE! Never has been, never would be…


How do you expect this winter to look?

Do you think that more major protests will happen worldwide, such as those in France, Switzerland, Italy, and Australia?

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