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An apathetic generation

The best slave is the slave that thinks he’s free!

As a collective, we have lost our way. We are being led into this technocratic dystopia. We are watching the Death of what it is to be human! We are currently all under a world Slavery System and all of us are Slaves. Just look at your driver’s license and you will see your Slave Name in all Capital LETTERS! Your birth certificate is the document that sold you into Slavery. You are owned! They are now moving to connect us all to the Hive Mind. The total control of the Slave population all plugged into the AI hive mind! “The people will not revolt they won’t look up from there screens long enough to realize what’s happening” – George Orwell 1984 Remember, that book was meant as a warning, not a blueprint… And the Big Brother?

sadfThe people in the USA are in for a very big wake up call when they realize that neither the democrat or republican party can save them.

We will not be able to stop what’s coming, but we must be wise enough to prepare and get out the way. The people just aren’t listening! The world has turned away from God and will suffer the consequences. In fact, we already started.

Society breaks down into chaos and perversion, into selfish greed and ignorance, complacency and indifference… We have become slaves to the industrial complex working just to afford to keep working as our savings dwindle and the corporate elite reaps the benefits. The money most earns spent on the process of working, and of course, to maintain such worthless services… All of your income is whether spent on clothes for work, to pay for your car that brings you to that same work, to buy gas and insurance for it and this list is literally endless. You will from time to time catch yourself trying to feel good just because you have to work a lot tomorrow. Eating healthy so you can be strong enough to work more? That new workout routine, is it because you are sick and tired of that job and need to gain more energy to achieve it? You got the point. How foolish we have become… We spend most of our lives just to go to work, getting to and from work, and at now when you retire you already have one foot in the grave, lost from God. Many often don’t even have a chance to retire because they die too early, being exhausted by work and ‘modern’ life.

Everybody is blaming somebody today. We are living in such a demonic time, day, and age. It’s such a dangerous time for people of faith not to know our God!

This world is such a joke, all setup and played out by Satan and his puppets. It’s always been this way, just getting worse…

Thinking they’re awake, while they truly aren’t… All that happens until they realize their entire being, their beliefs, their knowledge and so on is all taught to them by the MAINSTREAM.

Enslavements is keeping us from creating our own realities for ourselves of our wills, keeping us from living our dreams. And what about the ambitions of our will? Instead, we live the will of a mass of a few select that have laid it out…

Everyone is brainwashed by their illusions, their beliefs, entertainment, technology, and you name it, and their everyday jobs were enslaved by these things and they WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL…

Our forefathers left England and forged America to get away from slavery and this Satanist elite is doing everything only for their children’s children. They want them to turn right back to these illusions and enslavements. Our ancestors are definitely weeping in afterlives because of what we have become… I must admit, and I don’t like to say that, but it’s the truth – we have lost our common sense, our spines…

Our country has been at a standstill for decades now because education and land are controlled by the government and people who do nothing… American culture would see the largest progressive increase in productivity in human history…

We must forget these chains called law, these chains called paper or electronic signature, we must forget these illusions we live if we are ever to grow as whole humanity.

What’s going on right now? We’re all controlled by mainstream education, mainstream media, mainstream entertainment… These things are illusions, their boundaries from humanity are progressing out past and what we are right now…

Whence we all realize our enslavement there is no going back to the shackles. Our own subconscious is weeping with depression because we are looking for happiness but can’t find it. Looking for freedom but can’t find it either. Looking for our dreams but can’t achieve them because we have lost our individuality, our ability to spread out and think for ourselves, to make a life for ourselves… Instead, we live day to day in the mainstream everything…

asfdadsThe mainstream everything is our jobs, our technology, our beliefs, and above all our education! If we don’t see past, these things we will remain slave’s our children and their children will even see a worse world. And then? Even more slavery and that vicious circle… The worst thing about future generations is that they won’t even know the truth. It will be deleted, as it is, day by day… Their education won’t show them anything about us anymore. They will be 100% blinded and brainwashed. They will be far beyond in the brainwashed illusions than our generations are living now…

It is so sad I weep that I know this truth and I can’t seem to break through to people… The brainwashing is driven deep into people’s minds and their beliefs.

The social networks and other popular services sites are good ways for the Government & Police to keep a track of our every move, and for what purpose? Just think about it… You know the answer…

This can be fixed if everyone boycotts Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, The MSM, Public Schools, both political parties, and Hollywood… It really is that simple. So, why aren’t we doing that already?

They try to keep us fighting one another because if we ever unite against them, they are lost and they know it! Wake up and join the fight!

”We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

– Ayn Rand

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