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7 things you need to do in the hour before any successful date

You should put some thought into your date. Sure, overthinking probably won’t result in success, but “underthinking” can be just as disastrous.  It’s important to understand why you’ll be getting into. More importantly, you need to be ready for what’s to come.

Before a date, you should never need more than an hour to fully prepare. It may feel like you’re scrambling, but if you use every minute wisely, you’ll have more than enough time to prepare for a successful date.

Here are a few things that every guy should make sure he does in the hour before the date.


Clean yourself: Wash your face. If you’re a bearded guy, make sure you’re trimmed properly. If not, it’s probably a good idea to give yourself a fresh shave. Make sure you look presentable since your appearance will set the tone for the rest of your date. Appearance is key. If you look sloppy, what kind of impression do you think that will make about how you handle the rest of your life? Don’t forget cologne.

ewdwrListen to some music: Before football games in high school, we used to put on the music. There was something about that music that pumped us up and got us ready for football. And at the end of the day, dates aren’t all that different from big games, both have winners and losers, right? So to make sure you’re mentally prepared, it’s not a bad idea to spend some time before a big date listening to the right type of music. It’ll get you in the zone. Be careful what you listen to, though. Pick the wrong Drake song, and you’ll be stuck thinking about your ex the entire night.


Make sure you’re strapped with your date essentials: it’s easy for women to carry around what they need, that’s what purses are for. Yet for the men out there – at least ones who don’t carry pocketbooks, you’re going to have to devote some thought to this. But fear not! f you’ve got an hour to kill before a date, just make sure that you’ve got the Holy Trinity. It’s simple: Chapstick, gum, and condoms. You may not need all of the three. Hell, you might not need any of the three but they’re important to keep on you just in case. Be prepared!


Do some brief cardiovascular exercise: While it’s probably not a good idea to work out too hard or get too sweaty before a first date, we would recommend getting the blood flowing a little bit. Whether that means knocking out a couple of pushups or pull-ups before the shower.


Do a quick background check: If you have some time to kill before a first date, do a little background check. Yes, check the Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or any other platform. You’re going to want to get an idea of who you’re meeting. By stalking this person’s social media profiles, you’ll get a better impression of what’s going to make the best impression.

wererMake sure your funds are secured: This one might be the most important thing to do in the time before your date: Make sure your funds are secured. There will be nothing more humiliating and harmful to your chances for a second date than offering to pick up the check and realizing you don’t have enough money to cover it. If you’re going plastic, make sure you’ve got your credit card. If you’re looking to pay in cash, make sure you’ve got big enough bills to cover the cost of the meal. That will just make you look unprepared and plebeian.

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