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Celebrities Who Love the Healing Energy of Gemstones

Even the rich and famous need help in the good vibes department every now and then. Many of today’s celebrities love the healing energy of gemstones—and love talking about it. They use stones and crystals in their homes and in their beauty routines. Of course, they also use them as jewelry. These are a few of the stars who praise the power of rocks.

Katy Perry

The pop star turned to crystals to recover from her third breakup with John Mayer. When she’s looking for male attention, she carries rose quartz, which is said to attract love. When she wants to tone it down, she tempers it with amethyst. Now that Perry has a baby with Orlando Bloom, they can use rose quartz in the nursery to promote sweet dreams.

Bella Hadid

The supermodel likes to showcase her gemstone collection on Instagram. In one caption, Hadid shared she was cleansing the negative energy from her crystals in the moonlight before jetting off to Dubai. She says her favorite gem is amethyst and she never flies without it.


The British singer says that when she suffered stage fright one year at the Grammys, her crystals were the only thing that got her through. Before performances, she’s made a habit of meditating with citrine to calm herself down.

Victoria Beckham

The former Spice Girl always has recommendations for new crystal users. She advises starting with clear quartz, which is considered a master healer that amplifies the energies of other gemstones. Beckham also prescribes tigereye for confidence and carnelian for fertility.

The Olsen Twins

These two celebrities love the healing energy of gemstones so much that they gave them to every attendee at their fall fashion show. Every guest received a palm-sized black tourmaline and crystal quartz, along with instructions on how to cleanse the stones.

Kim Kardashian

The celebutante-turned-legal crusader was devastated after being robbed at gunpoint in Paris. Afterward, well-meaning friends sent gifts of crystals to help her heal. Kardashian was so inspired by all the positive vibes that she designed her next perfume bottle to resemble a crystal shard.

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