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The whole madness about WW3 explained

When I just think about the entire situation that’s happening in Ukraine, I can easily in seconds come to the one simple conclusion – It’s easy for them to make this decision without much though since they are not the ones who will suffer if they made a mistake. Actually, that’s always the thing when it comes to “those in power” making the decisions about the entire mankind.

Will “Putin will declare WW3 in a few days”? That’s what asks the UK defense secretary. Britain sent troops, major NATO exercises are also planned, and Moldova’s front is ready to flare up. A new leader may hold the nuclear briefcase, and submarines are on the move. Actually, it’s clear that Moldova might be next…

Russian human rights activist and former world chess champion Garry Kasparov says he thinks President Vladimir Putin is “bluffing” with his threats of nuclear attacks. I thought the Russian demand for their oil and gas to be paid in the ruble was a bluff as well.

Yet, if it is a bluff, everybody in the west is lucky and laughing at Putin. If he is not bluffing nobody in the west will be able to laugh in their lifetimes.

The Russians haven’t bluffed so far. Is this a suicidal escalation? Putin has access and the power to use and engage in a nuclear war and never undermines his power and leadership.

Most people I know, including one of my friend’s kids, do not look at what is going on in the world. My friend’s kid didn’t know there was a war going on. How is that possible? At 31 years old you would think they would want to know what’s going on in the world! Obviously, besides everything happening, there’s always a problem with America.

What did the Russians think? They think that the US has gotten too far into Europe and trying to control everyone. They say that everything related to this war is actually making Europe poor and attached to the US, rather than to Russia. Yet, we have to think about one “little” thing – Europeans, including Russians, have similar cultures and share similar life ideas. In the US, and for the US, it’s not the case. Orthodox Christians are sick and tired of materialistic world propaganda and they think that America is the one to blame for provoking wars and destroying everything that has at least some human value.

It’s blatantly obvious that war and rough times are coming. I am convinced that people just don’t even want to hear anything about this stuff – We are going to experience a big-time shortage of contrast since most of the commonly used brand Omnipaque is made at the GE plant in Shanghai. People who live in modern countries are not prepared for what’s coming next. Those who live in Eastern Europe have gone through such situations at least a few times. No food, no electricity, money with no value – yes, people have lived through that already before. But those who are under capitalistic values haven’t and they think that this is something new.

Well, it isn’t. But yes – it is very scary, so better be smart and prepared. Don’t act like nothing is happening.

Imagine you need a heart scan or cardiac catheterization to evaluate for chest pain and there’s no contract to be able to do the test?  This is getting very real very fast. The 8000 troops are heading East for war games. We are positioning troops to bolster that eastern front. Lines are being drawn, it’s a warning to Russia.

To be honest I am not worried about a Russian ICBM-type missile aimed at the UK. I am more worried about a smaller aircraft launched hypersonic missile being launched from Kaliningrad on the Baltic coast. A lot of people (non-Europeans) are not aware that Russia has a separate enclave (Kalingrad) on the Baltic coast, away from Russia itself. If a Russian aircraft were to launch a small low yield hypersonic missile at the UK from Kalingrad, that aircraft would never leave Russian airspace and the missile going fast and low at around 6,000 mph would be over London in around 6-7 minutes from launching, after crossing the Baltic and the North Sea areas towards the UK. My main concern for the minute is a Malicious cyber hit on our power grid/gas/water infrastructure and, of course – banking.

I really feel WWIII is getting geared to become astronomical at its core, and life-altering across the globe. Stay safe everyone, keep your faith…

How do you feel about this situation between Russia and Ukraine?

Is the west Already a party to the conflict?

Do you want to share your own thoughts related to this situation?

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