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Why is Air Jordans so valuable and popular?

Jordan sneakers are so expensive not only because they’re made with high-quality materials, but they’re also in high demand and are part of a proud line of sneakers made exclusively for legendary NBA star Micahel Jordan.


The Air Jordans were created in 1984 when Jordan’s agent David Falk initiated a meeting between the NBA star and Nike. At the time, Jordan’s favorite shoe brand was Adidas and Michael didn’t want to work with Nike. However, Adidas said it couldn’t make a shoe for athletes.

On the other hand, Nike has gone enthusiastically and incorporated their new technology for running shoes, which they call the air sole to create the first AirJordans. Initially, the NBA banned shoes. The rules of the game at the time stipulated that the sneakers had to be white with the colors of some teams’ jerseys.

They fined Michael Jordan $5,000 for every game he wore Air Jordans 1. Nike paid the fine, taking advantage of publicity and notoriety. The bet paid off. Nike had hoped to sell $3 million worth of Air Jordans at the end of the four-year contract. In just the first year, they sold $126 million worth of Air Jordans.

The Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game) is arguably the most expensive release in Jordans’ history. Michael wore the shoe during a game against the Utah Jazz in 1997, and then gifted it to former Utah Jazz football player Preston Truman. It sold at auction for $104,000.Another expensive Jordan is the Air Jordan 1 which carries the iconic red, black, and white colorway. Worn by rookie Michael for the 1985 season, these sneakers sold for $560,000 at Sotheby’s Auction. The Air Jordan 12 OVO is another collection from Nike’s Jordan line that sells for a premium. Currently, there’s a pair on eBay for $7,200.

Here are some of the reasons Jordans are so expensive;

High Quality

The premium sneakers are made from quality materials that are durable and will last for years. The sneakers withstand heavy use. Originally developed for the basketball court, they offer comfort and support, as well as increased durability in harsh conditions.


Air Jordan is a famous brand that most people want to be associated with. It was called the communication shoe. When you buy AirJordan, you’re also paying for the value of the brand.

Nike also collaborates with other luxury brands like Dior to produce limited-edition sneakers. And what could be more exclusive than bringing together two high-end luxury brands to stand out from the crowd?

Celebrity Pick

Michael Jordan is a legendary basketball star known around the world. Also, the line was created specifically for him and fans are willing to pay for this pairing. Since this fan base is definitely in the millions, the sneakers are in great demand.


Sneakers is still in demand for decades after the introduction of the first product line. The brand can never quite meet supply needs, leaving fans coming back for another outing hoping to snag a pair. This cycle of high demand and low supply keeps prices high. By limiting supply, Nike ensures that the market isn’t flooded with Jordans.

This makes the sneaker exclusive and even more desirable. People are willing to pay the ultimate price to be among the select few who own a particular sneakers brand.

Jordans have a history just as rich and exciting as Michael Jordan shoes. Each shoe made during the star’s active NBA career has a rich history of wins, losses, nostalgia, and memories. AirJordan sneakers were very popular among young people in the 80s and 90s. Parent company Nike did a great job of keeping the shoes alive.

Thanks to celebrity endorsements, like Drake’s recent collaboration with OVO, the sneaker has managed to stay at the top of news feeds.

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