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What does the ‘perfect man’ look like?

Perfect man:

While many men spend hours in the gym trying to perfect their physique, a new study shows that women are more impressed with guys with “dad bodies”.

Researchers from the University of Göttingen and women’s health app Clue asked women around the world what traits they’d like to see in their perfect man.

The survey:

Clue’s Ideal Spouse Survey is unique in that women around the world – across different sexual orientations and life stages – have given us insight into what matters most for them. The survey, which included more than 68,000 women, revealed that personality is much more important than looks to a long-term partner.

Kindness (88.9%), support (86.5%), intelligence (72.3%), education (64.5%), and confidence (60.2%). women in finding a long-term mate, while wealth, power, and looks are less likely. selected as an important quality.

Physical features:

However, when asked what physical features they would like to see in a man, respondents said an attractive smile, attractive eyes, big hands, short hair, attractive back, wings muscular arms, and a hairy face are the things that are most desired. And in a message that will reach many men like a piece of music, respondents said their perfect man would have a medium-sized penis.

In terms of body shape, the “gym bro” body shape is not common, only 2.5% of women prefer a muscular body. Instead, average body types were the most common (44.8%), followed by a fit and athletic body (34.8%).

Standards of male body shape:

Around the world, idealized standards of male body shape rarely reflect the average male body. However, social media apps like TikTok are helping to change men’s standards of beauty by featuring men who previously didn’t have the platform. Ben James, a British model, body activator, and TikTok star, is changing the way we see taller men. In 2019, as a plus-size model, he starred in an ad campaign for the clothing brand Simply Be, appeared alongside other diverse models, and worked with Ted Baker and Asos.

As a fun, fearless woman, whether at work or on a local outing, you want to be in control. You are bold, confident, and not afraid to stand out. You like to say what you think and you do it. This guy came into your life and before you knew it, everything happened so fast and your world fell apart. You can enjoy the attention he gives you, but don’t let him make the decisions for you. They say it’s too fast, ladies!

Sounds crazy right? Most girls will die for it, but you have to realize that your man must have passions that have nothing to do with you. If he doesn’t then kick him immediately! For what? First, it means he’s not normal. Second, it lacks ambition. Think about how it would feel to be the center of attention 24/7. You may feel comfortable and welcome at first, but then a new sense of euphoria begins to kick in. Whenever you make plans that don’t involve him, he gets mad. Is that what you want?


If you’re always playing the blame game, it’s time to rethink your relationship. Real men don’t assume that relationship problems are caused by you. Nor is it trying to send you on a sinful ride. He is far from all that. Instead, he will honestly look at himself in the mirror before saying something. He knows that introspection is just as important in a relationship as anything else. If you slack off, he’ll talk to you like a man and make it work like a team. Moreover, a real man will stay calm in confrontation and will never resort to insults, judgment, or violence. If your partner explodes all the time with the slightest provocation, he’s not worth it.

A real man is not a weak conformist. He will never ask you to seek his approval for anything you do; instead, he will let you be. He’s not interested in conforming to society’s mold and that’s a good thing. Most relationships hurt because of social pressure.

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