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11 Biggest Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

People make shopping mistakes on a daily basis. Ever felt like you didn’t need to purchase that ‘super fancy bag’ just after a few days after you’ve paid for it? Yes, that’s exactly what I am talking about here. Take a look at the list below and learn what are the most common mistakes people make while shopping. Once you realize which one you make, you are finally able to get rid of such a bad habit, right? So, let’s start!

Don’t lie to significant others about your spending habits. Women mostly make this mistake. But you are not lying to them only, you are lying to yourself as well, right? People who do this spend more money than they should.

adfsafwDon’t buy what you can’t afford. As simple as that. People buy things they don’t need to impress others. Luxury purchases should bring you joy, not anxiety. Of course, every now and then you will need or want to buy something which is not essential, and that is okay. If you argue with your partner about that, the best would be to have your own allocated monies for non-essential items.

Don’t use a credit card… for the purchase you plan to pay off within 6 months. You will just get into debt and won’t enjoy whatever you bought at all. Such purchase will bring you more stress than joy.

Going for a walk. I do this one. Of course, I am trying to change it. If you go for a walk through shopping malls just because you are bored, believe me how your wallet will be empty in the middle of the month.

Never shop hungry. You will buy more things than you really need.

Stop buying things impulsively. Saw that new amazing dress? Does it look like how nothing you really wear on a daily basis? Don’t buy it. You won’t wear it.

Wait until you purchase something. Connect this fact to the previous one. Be sure to wait at least 48 hours before buying something you saw. Avoid making stupid purchases and feeling bad or guilty over them/regretting you ever got into it.

Don’t try to be the first user or first customer. Numerous things don’t hold the resell value.

Be cautious about sales. People buy things they don’t really need or like just because they think how they got a great ‘deal’. No, you haven’t. Always buy what you really love and what works for your lifestyle.

‘Spaving’. Do you often spend more to get some ‘reward’? Don’t do that. It’s a trick. No, you won’t save money that way.

Buying in bulk… without any real need or purpose. You will probably end up with tons of something you cannot use or it will just simply expire.

The things you spend money on should serve you, not the other way around! Happiness doesn’t and shouldn’t come from a handbag, purse, or shoes. Happiness should come from within…

asdfwsfdAs I’ve said earlier, my shopping mistake is going to stores while taking a walk. Once I’ve realized that I’ve decided to change my bad habit. And guess what? I’ve saved a lot of money and don’t store items I don’t need anymore.

How do your shopping habits look like?

Have you recognize yourself in some of these mistakes?

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