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What’s the secret behind Apple’s logo?

It definitely seems like how people are buying nowadays things with their privacy. Apple’s virtual credit card is here, and what is its cost? Your privacy, your life…

Just think for a moment where their products are made. In China, right? Yes, and we all know how China has a social credit score. There is one secret, but barely anyone thinks of it as a secret anymore. Apple sold its first computer for $666.66. Does that surprise you?

And their logo? It seems like a little bit Satanic by its nature. The bitten apple? We all know what that is all about. The apple represents the mocking of the fall of man that ate from the tree of knowledge. It seems like how we continue to eat from this tree when we use their technology…

zasfdafTheir products are constantly launched on the market and you can see people buying some new product every now and then. It seems like how many successful companies all around the globe actually think how they are Gods. Just think for a moment about that bitten apple again. They hide the keys to the story in plain sight. Adam and Eve Revelation is becoming a reality now. An Apple with a bite… Does anyone need more proof the company is in rebellion towards the creator?

What happened with Apple Pay, for example? People wanted to get everything in an easier way, but was that an easier way? Hackers were able to easily stole everyone’s personal information with Apple Pay. But people just thought about how it is faster. Yes, but at what cost?

Everything we use just about ties us into the Beast System, not just an apple card. Your ATM credit cards, paycheck, your license, your SS card, your phone, computer, TV and even the car you drive. We are so blinded by these new technological achievements that we have gone too far from real life.

At first, we will have this card, and later we won’t even need a card because it will probably be inside us! Do you see where this is all going? We are going to become robots!

So many customers pay with their smartphones or their smart watches, just a swipe of their wrists, and that is just a transitional phase we are in until the next thing comes out. Thy want to know everything about us – what we buy, eat, drink and everything else you can and cannot even imagine… That’s a true Satanic agenda!

Soon enough they’ll tell you all of the benefits of having your digital ID tattooed right on your hand or forehead. It’s very clear that the Mark of the Beast technology now exists. It’s just a matter now of when it gets implemented.

Apple is really trying to mind control us. It is also trying to create mass control. It seems like, unfortunately, how that was not that hard for them to achieve. People are so blind and they don’t even see something that is obvious. How can they then think about some hidden messages?

adWe’re not being given a choice. What’s considered the “Black Market” will cease to exist. As if the poor, the homeless are going to have access to modern technology like this! All it’s doing is tracking your spending habits. Monitoring basically “everything” you do. All in the name of convenience?

Just remember, the Church of Satan get free Apple computer’s since the 90s…

Do you think how everything with technology went too far?

How will this affect our future?

Has mankind changed?

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