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What is the most fertile country?

I believe how you have thought about your country and fertility rates at least a few times in your life. When you take a look around yourself, what kind of family do you see – those oriented to careers or children?

When it comes to your country, how many children families approximately have? Do you live in the part of the world where abortion is on the rise?

I live in Balkan (Serbia) and people here don’t have so many children as they used to in the past. Why? Because people go to school longer, women finally have jobs, and they also have the right to choose whether they will or won’t have babies.

Yet, that’s not all. Most of the young couples are not even able to have a family because they cannot get a job, don’t have money for that or you name it.

afadsfadfWhen it comes to abortions, my country also has high rates as those modern and western ones.

But, what would be the most fertile country on the entire planet? Ever thought of that?

Would you be surprised if I tell you that countries in Africa have the highest fertility rates? Not surprised? I am not as well.

Niger is definitely the country that is most fertile. There, families have almost 7 children. When it comes to Niger and their system, we all know how their health system isn’t that great as ours, most of them still don’t have proper education, and besides that, they cannot even earn enough for living.

Why is than Niger country with the highest fertility rates? Let’s talk about Africa for a bit. I really enjoy watching some TV shows where Africa is represented. I somehow still get the idea that they live a more peaceful life than we do. Is that really the truth? Probably not. They just have different problems than we do.

They often suffer from hunger, illnesses, natural disasters and everything connected with that.

I would come to the conclusion that NIger has the most fertility rates because of their culture and tradition. Besides that, I truly believe how contraception and abortions are not the options there (or not on some higher level).

You know how that went in the past. My grandmother told me how they always had more children because they weren’t even sure how they will all survive. Besides that, she also told me how they needed help in the fields. They needed workers.

Overall, big families are not in trend anymore. People in the modern world want to have fewer children, but they want to provide them with a great education and everything needed for a normal life.

sdadfdUnfortunately, not all countries worldwide progress in the same way. When it comes to Africa, they will maybe live like we do in the next 200 years or even more.

Other countries with high fertility rates are Somalia, Mali, Chad, Angola, Burundi, Uganda and other ones located on the same area.

In your personal opinion – are my thoughts of their decisions to have a lot of children based on something real? Or do you believe how something else is behind that?

How many children a family should have according to your beliefs? When it comes to me, I would say one to three. Of course, that should be based on parents capabilities to create amazing people.

Do you think that Nigerians are happier because of big families?

How are their children impacted by their ‘decisions’?

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