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The most dangerous places to live in

Our beloved planet Earth may look like some peaceful and amazing place to those who are not aware of the danger that surrounds us. Yet, we are all adults and we need to think clearly and rationally. In this article, I want to share some of the most dangerous places on Earth you can live in. How are those places classified? Why are they dangerous? Check out the list below and find out!

Belem, Brazil. The population of this city is almost 2.5 million. Although someone can think about how this city is not dangerous because it looks amazing and natural, the truth is, Belem is well known for crime and violence. It will be just enough to say how there are more than 71 homicides (per 100,000 people).

sdfdfsdfCuidad Victoria, Mexico. When I was in my teen years, I came upon one guy online that was my age on My Space. So, he became my virtual friend. He was living in Cuidad Victoria. When I talked to him about crimes and violence in my hometown (and I don’t live in a peaceful country at all), he would just laugh to that. Why? Unfortunately, the situation in that the city is not good at all. This city has even more homicides than Belem. The statistics show a shocking number of more than 83 murders per 100,000 people.

Acapulco, Mexico. Unfortunately, this list can literally be just cities in Brazil and Mexico. I’ve tried my best and did great research, yet, these are the facts. So, Acapulco is well known for its nightlife and parties for more than 60 years. The statistics are even worse for Acapulco when it comes to homicides. The amount goes up to even 104 homicides per 100,000 people.

Caracas, Venezuela. Okay, not Brazil or Mexico this time. What is wrong with Caracas? When it comes to the culture of South America, people claim how this city is definitely the one that represents it. The population there is more than 4 million. I’ve found information about how Caracas was declared to be the most dangerous capital city on the whole planet just two years ago! Unfortunately, things haven’t changed much and we are now able to see how there are more than 110 homicides per 100,000 people.

Police officers carry a body during a military police strike in Vitoria

Los Cabos, Mexico. Tourists have loved Mexico for so long in the past. What can be better than sand and aquamarine water? Unfortunately, in the last 18 months, everything has changed in Los Cabos. That is exactly why this city is now first on this list. It is known to be the most dangerous place you can live in. But what happened? Serious bloodshed was spread by more than 300,000 very strong municipalities. The drug war is also constantly present in Mexico, and especially in Los Cabos. When it comes to murders, their statistics have gone up to 500% more homicides than ever before! That means how literally all the time in Los Cabos someone is either killed or wounded.

As you can see, and I’ve told you in the middle of this article, Mexico and Brazil are definitely the most dangerous countries for life. Yet, Mexico definitely ”won” this time.

Did you know that life is dangerous in these cities?

Can you think of some other you would like to add on this list?

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