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What is the healthiest nation?

We have done great research with a purpose to find out what are the healthiest countries and nations in 2019. Of course, when it comes to creating such a list, we needed to think about some habits and health risks. The factors we have used with a purpose to find out where do the healthiest people live are usual health risks (like tobacco use, obesity, or high blood pressure), clean water and its availability, malnutrition, life expectancy and causes of death. I don’t want to take any more of your time, let’s jump straight to that list!

afafafItaly. In Italy, people definitely live the longest. Life expectancy for their people is 83 years old. Their eating habits are also good, mostly because of fish, citrus, tomatoes, olives and olive oil. We all know how that is the food that beats cancer and other serious health issues. Besides that, Italians are not obese and they spend their time mostly outside. The environment is also what gives them a huge plus. They have clean drinking water and the sea.

Iceland. This Nordic country is so far away from everyone, and that is probably what makes their people healthy (just kidding). Life expectancy in this country is the same as in Italy. We can guess how their lives are fulfilled with sea activities. They mostly eat fish and Mediterranean food. We came to a conclusion how such cuisine is definitely the healthiest one.

Switzerland. Many people didn’t expect to see how Switzerland is one of the healthiest countries in the world. Yet, this country actually has a great standard. Their people don’t need to worry much about their salaries, educational systems, and health systems because everything works perfectly. They don’t stress much.

Singapore. We have an island again on our list! We know how people on islands live. Their people claim how they don’t stress much and how they lead very peaceful and slow lives. We all know how stress is one huge factor that brings a lot of different diseases.

Australia. Life expectancy in Australia is also 83 years. Their people claim how they are not the healthiest eaters, yet, they also claim how they spend a lot of time outside and love sports. That is probably what makes them be one of the healthiest nations in the whole world.

Spain. In Spain, people also practice Mediterranean cuisine which helps them prevent so many diseases (mostly high blood pressure). The truth is, many people smoke in Spain, but they claim how that doesn’t affect their lifestyle much because they ‘wipe out’ that bad habit with good ones. So, it’s all about balance.

dfqefqeJapan. People in Japan don’t need to worry much about their lives because almost everyone has a good job and high incomes. Besides that, their country has already developed so many highest technological achievements that serve them when it comes to health problems. Japanese claim how they are healthy because they have modern medicine which is able to prevent so many serious diseases on time. Also, barely anyone is obese in Japan. They eat a lot of fish. Yes, sushi was probably the first food you have thought of while wondering what people eat in Japan.

Overall, the Mediterranean lifestyle is definitely what makes people healthy. Living in a strong country which has a great and reliable health system is another plus.

What do you think, what is the most important health factor?

Would that be the diet, or would that be leading a calm and slow life?

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