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How does a perfect human body look like? Not what you think…

It is 2020 now. People became completely obsessed with the idea of perfection and beauty. It really is exaggerated, you must admit… People constantly watch something ‘ideal’ around themselves, or better said – a huge lie and fake beauty.

In the times of social media popularity, it really is hard to stay normal and rational. You may do your best and be very pretty, and yet still often feel like it is not enough because of the nowadays standards.

You may even know people in real lives who look completely different on social media platforms, and no one even questions how weird that is anymore? And the terms ‘real-life’ and ‘virtual life’? It is bizarre.

Okay, now when we have this intro, I definitely want to tell you something… Something very important.

hgfDo you know how does a perfect human body look like? And yes, it may not be what you think… But if you think as you will read below, I am really glad that you exist. And I wish you an amazing life!

So, let’s start…

A perfect human body looks kind, in the first place. Kindness can be easily seen through their eyes. It is also visible when they act and socialize with other people.

A perfect human body is gentle. They do not show aggression, if they are not actually attacked or if their life doesn’t depend on that.

A perfect human’s body looks like it is dancing with life all the time. It is natural, it is black, and it is white, and it can be made in numerous different manners. And it is perfect that way. And it is always enough…

Perfect, perfect, perfect… That word is actually very boring. Let’s say – a brave body. What does a brave body do? It fights through life. It laughs, it cries, it is frightened and relaxed, and often all of the mentioned in the very same moment…

A perfect body usually comes with some scars because that shows the person has actually lived. And those who have lived appreciate life more. They know about the hard times. They remember they successfully went through those. So, that perfect body has hope. It carries the hope with every step the legs take, and every situation the tomorrow brings…

The perfect human body loves to hug and kiss other people. The perfect human body doesn’t want to be compared to the others. They find everyone special, unique, and valuable.

Rational and smart people know that they should appreciate life in all manners. Everything may happen for a reason, but even if something doesn’t happen for a reason – a perfect body has their chance to react to that event and make it bad or good. An event is an event, it comes, it doesn’t have side, it is natural – a perfect body knows to recognize a lesson, or a gift, or sometimes even grief, which is not bad by itself.

Of course, some things that happen in life may be very hard, but a perfect body doesn’t just think about a particular situation, but it looks at everything as a part of the journey.

dfhdA perfect human body doesn’t show envy, jealousy, or extreme lust. A perfect human body doesn’t even think of their body as of personal possession, but rather of a tool that makes their life possible!

Isn’t this all above amazing? Isn’t that perfection? Perfection is life itself. A perfection is a living cell itself. And all those countless cell combinations that can be born make this Earth, you, me, and everyone around us – perfect.

That’s it. I hope you enjoyed this…

Do you often find yourself with low self-esteem due to society’s beauty standards?

Are you finally ready to forget about those once and for all and start nurturing true, one and only, the perfect human body you have?

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