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Vaccinated World – The Greatest Scam Ever Perpetrated On Mankind!

God has not abandoned us, but many have definitely abandoned Him. When society no longer wants God, light, and kindness, we see that people will do whatever is in their hearts (and obviously, that’s not good).

I often think that they even may think they are doing good for society when they actually help Satan to achieve his one-world control and worship as God. It is fascinating to see many are willingly carry on with their demonic project without ever wondering if it will enslave them and kill them in the end. 

You can easily come to the conclusion that nothing similar like this has ever happened before. For eyes to see the most important thing that’s happened in two thousand years, and the greatest faith strengthener you’ve ever had.

A woman holds a sign voicing various conspiracy theories believed by QAnon followers out of the sunroof of a car at the “Reopen Virginia” protest in Richmond on April 22nd, 2020. Three Percenters are a movement that advocates for constitutional rights, and takes its name from the belief that only three percent of America took up arms against the British during the Revolutionary War. (Photo by Matthew Rodier/Sipa USA)(Sipa via AP Images)

Everyone is going to die in time. All we want is to live in peace before that. We want to be happy and free, every one of us. Yet, not everyone acts in that manner. We want to be free, but yet we are accepting the rules which will definitely lead us in one direction – and it’s the wrong one!

We want our children to live freely too, but what we do is stay silent in front of this demonic show. We need complete truth and justice. We need justice including the people at the top of the hierarchy.

What we need the most is respecting people who are still fighting for good. To those who have given most from their circumstances. We want and need this for the good of humanity and children.

No one can pour from a damaged empty vessel or operate and provide correctly under the wrong circumstances. There is no hope under constant duress, you have probably understood that so far.

Even the children are pleading for themselves in these hard times. The best way to take control of people is to take a little of their freedom at a time, so they won’t notice. Drive a false reality into someone’s mind enough, and they’ll lose sight of what is actually true reality. 

Now is the time for humans of all kinds to love one another and share hope. Be strong.  Anyone who really believes any of this has been about public health and safety needs to question the arbitrary nature of everything surrounding it, the politicization of it, and the censoring and demonization of legitimate views and specific groups of people. Who is facilitating it all, and how it benefits them. Also, you need to understand that 90% of the media is controlled by a few people that are loyal to those behind this. So, no, you cannot get informed that way. You can, but you’ll be wrong.

These protests are going on everywhere. When are these people going to understand that some people are fighting for the rights already given to us by God? I hope to see more protests in the near future, and I’m sure that it’ll be that way – happy to see that at least some people are finally waking up to this madness.

Europeans are familiar with totalitarianism. They’ve seen this before. Europeans know that their body is their own to decide over. And they are not medication crazed like Americans. I can’t even go to a family member’s funeral last weekend because it requires vaccinations to get in. They don’t allow me to mourn!

What does fully vaccinated even mean? They say all doses and all boosters. But when is the last dose? How many will I have to receive? 4? 6? 10? No one knows.

“Protesting happens when the world realizes that their freedoms are gone.” Everything is silly and bizarre. “Freedom Passports”. We need a passport to be free. Does this sound right? “Vaccine passport” = government permit to participate in society. In short, medical fascism.

Texas and Florida are some of the freest places on the entire Earth right now. I could never imagine that my country would be considered the freest. When I take a look around myself and see what happens in a “free” country, I can only imagine what they do in the countries where you don’t have your personal rights anymore.

Amazon employee Eunice Kim receives the first Covid vaccine shot at the Banner Health vacination facility set up at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday January 22, 2021.

How can you force someone to do something that people get sick or die from and make it mandatory evil?

The U.S. media is well managed by pharmaceutical companies. Just like most of our politicians, Americans haven’t suffered as much as the people of other countries with the mandates yet! Suffering is a great motivator to get people to stand against tyranny!  This honestly needs to happen HERE in the US for this administration to take notice and see that WE WILL NOT BE FORCED INTO ANYTHING!

The best protest would be that nobody goes anywhere anymore (at least for a while) and stops paying taxes and fines. I am sure that we can do that, can we?

Don’t have the same rights because you’re unvaxed? Why are you paying taxes? The world has gone power-mad. It’s very depressing, and we should all be far more concerned and outraged than we actually are. 

This could be a way of normalizing the military being around in cities, you’ll see. People with the courage to resist may even lose their lives because of standing against Medical Tyranny.

US-Police officers in Chicago and Seattle are threatening not to come to work because of vaccine mandates, and 40 percent of TSA agents in the nation’s airports, and thousands of pilots have not reported their status with the deadline just weeks away. 

France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Italy, Netherland, Germany, Poland, Spain, Greece,  Canada, Brazil, this list is long! The point is that people in these countries don’t want to accept this slavery, yet they are not showing this on TV.

Do you feel like your rights have been taken away?

Have you realized that more and more people can’t endure this stress anymore?

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