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We attract things and people that are already inside us

If you want your relationship to grow, you must first grow as a person. Having a quality relationship with other people, whether it’s a friendship or a love relationship, always starts with working on yourself.

But don’t be afraid – we all have flaws, we have all made so many mistakes in life, and society has shaped us in different ways.

Yet, that shouldn’t be an excuse. We must work on ourselves if we truly want to become good people and experience true and unconditional love.

What does your past look like? Are you ashamed of some actions you did, some words you said, or some feelings you had? We have all been there. The good thing is that you first realize what you do wrong, and then you are capable of changing and improving yourself.

Don’t live in the past, just learn from those mistakes and move on. Only then, you’ll grow as a person, and you will start attracting other good people in your life as well.

Many complain that they cannot find love in life, but the truth is that they don’t even love themselves, or other people.

As you have realized – everything always starts with you. Take a deep look inside yourself. Are your thoughts pure? Are your feelings true? Is your soul still poisoned by something like angriness, hatred, greed, or anything similar? Get rid of toxic feelings and start nurturing your soul.

There is always a lot of good inside of us, yet many carry a lot of negative emotions as well. Be brave enough to start every day with strength and readiness to nurture only the good sides of yourself. Once that becomes your habit, those negative feelings will literally vanish.

And you know what happens next? You meet people who are good, open-hearted, and ready to live this life as it should be lived.

You will help them, as well as yourself, and realize that you have friends – first, yourself, and then – other people who believe in good and love.

Later on, you will meet a partner with whom you will be able to share life. Don’t judge. They will make mistakes. You will also make mistakes in that relationship. But what matters the most is that you will learn from that, make your connections stronger, feel guilty, and then – move on and be a better person!

Don’t expect that others won’t hurt you. Yes, they will. You will hurt yourself. Everyone hurts everyone. But the point is that we constantly work on ourselves and try our best to learn something from that.

Don’t blame others for their actions. Try to understand why someone did something. Most often – you only think about how you feel, but don’t think about how they felt when they did something.

Forgive. Forget. Be kind to everyone. This life is truly short, and if we spend it on angriness and revenge, our hearts won’t become pure.

And you know what happens with hearts that are not pure? They only attract hatred and dark feelings. I am pretty sure that you are not going in that direction, are you?

Do you work on yourself – both inside and out?

Have you realized that negative feelings only attract negative people?

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