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The New Man-Made Depopulation Weapon – Coronavirus!

The New Man-Made Depopulation Weapon – Coronavirus!

What happened to WW3 with Iran? Epstein? Or Impeachment? Oh, now it’s zombie Apocalypse time on TV.

China is stepping up efforts to tackle a new coronavirus that is thought to have originated in a Wuhan seafood market.

What is Coronavirus?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), coronaviruses are a family of viruses that cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).


Human Effects of the Coronavirus

China’s fast-growing Wuhan was expected to record a regional economic growth rate of up to 7.8 percent in 2020. This would make it a key pillar of growth in China’s sluggish economy. However, as shutters roll down in shops and public transportation comes to a standstill as the Coronavirus spreads. Three cities in China are under quarantine/lockdown. Also, the number of infected is approx. 5000, and there’s over 170 dead. This virus has spread to Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, UK, and the US already.

Is this a Coincident?

Bill Gates did a TED talk a while back about his plans to use vaccines for population reduction. The crowd applauded him. And, a brand new bio-weapons lab opened in Wuhan, China, in 2015. Perfect timing! Bill & Melinda Gates foundation filed a Patent for Coronavirus in 2015. It was approved in 2018.

Some people suggested that the virus was created in a lab along with its vaccine. The city in China that had the first outbreak is home base for Merck labs. They cook up pandemic viruses and vaccines in the same location.

Remember how that virus was released during the Hong Kong riots. But now there’s no coverage of the protests anymore. Obviously, that virus was human-made.

Is it really a human-made virus? 

There’s evidence suggesting that the Wuhan coronavirus did not originate in a fish market. Fingers point to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The 2016 documents show that the Wuhan Institute of Virology has been studying the virus over the last several years. This growing body of evidence suggests the disease did not originate in a wet seafood market as the Chinese government claims.

Three months ago, they predicted that 65 million people could die from a virus. It definitely got me thinking then that they’re planning on doing something like this. And, conveniently, they’re going to blame China for the virus.

There is no vaccine for Coronavirus, but even if they come up with a vaccine for the Coronavirus, the next one ( that they really create and have patents for), you will not be protected from! Of course, we won’t get the data until they read this and now watch, within a month you’ll see a fake news story about people who got a flu shot was somehow saved from the flu.

I have a friend who is a highly respected doctor. She says the people who get the flu shot, are going to be the first ones to die from the next deadly flu virus because of the previous vaccine, your body doesn’t recognize it as an ‘enemy’. It would be interesting to get data on how many of those who died, had previously had a flu shot of some kind. They are experimenting in death camps! You will die from the vaccine they’re giving out. It mimics a disease it’s all nerve damage! I’m sure every doctor in America wants us all to visit for our vaccine and antibiotics, which don’t help with viruses.

It’s just another man-made disease meant to scare everyone into getting vaccinated in the future. Trust me, and they are really pushing the vaccine campaign hard.

asdfGet Ready!

I think we are getting on the highway to 2030. They just so happened to release this show called “pandemic” on Netflix recently too. The videos of people in China passing out from the virus might be crisis actors. That shows the Chinese government is actively cooperating with the propaganda here.

The stories keep changing. Nobody’s on the same page. This world is so blinded. This is another Ebola hoax being pushed by serpent worshipers!

It’s a red flag Alert. This is how they spread fear to everyone. It will only get worse as time goes on. Get ready. Be prepared! Do not get any vaccines or shots!

What’s next? A new virus? Come on, people, take some action!


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