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Underwear with Leggings: are you wearing them wrong?

Leggings are versatile. Whether you’re going to the gym, searching out some other layer under your denim in winter, or sincerely lounging at home, relaxed sustainable leggings are the suitable desire.

Underwear with leggings:

While the marvel of leggings is extensively agreed upon, critiques diverge on one critical question: are you supposed to wear bamboo underwear with leggings?


You have to put on your leggings but you need them. Whether you need to discover ways to degree your hips whilst looking for a brand new pair of underwear or cross commando, you have to don’t forget your preferred hobby and legging cloth, together with your desires for the durability of your garments.

It makes sense to put on underwear with overall performance bottoms-they offer a layer of ‘safety’, permit us to put on matters a couple of instances among washes, and deliver an experience of protection that stuff is ‘covered’. But throw each one out the window, due to the fact your leggings will fit & feel BETTER without underwear. And nobody will realize that you’re taking walks around commando.

Ladies, those ARE your underwear! They’re so rattling tight, how are you going to even suit some other layer of cloth below them? And whilst you DO put on some other layer below, the suit is compromised.

Preparing for workout


When the fabric is directly against your skin, it ‘sticks’. Body heat, natural oils, and sweat (if you’re exercising) are all useful resources in the fabric adhering to your skin and growing a slip-resistant suit. A layer of slippery cotton below (aka your underwear) screws up that complete courting and method you’ll be continuously adjusting and pulling up your leggings.


There are hygiene advantages to ditching your panties too. Suffocating and moist (sorry, had to!) location under many layers of cloth, specifically if you’re exercising and sweating, simply isn’t properly you get it – it’s now no longer fun. Let that location breathe!

There are numerous reasons why leggings alone can sometimes fail you.

Natural textiles:

Prefer natural textiles? Unfortunately, while dampness collects in cotton leggings, bacterial infections can thrive. Luckily, there are a few antibacterial alternatives like sustainable bamboo viscose.


If you’re making plans a severe exercise, the issues that get up with sweaty underwear can arise with exercising leggings, too. That’s why a few activewear leggings are designed with panty liners to assist cope with dampness. Be positive to pick out a moisture-wicking choice and launder your exercising bottoms as needed.

If you’re seeking to lessen your carbon footprint and use fewer resources, you won’t wash your leggings with each put-on. After all, they will appear and scent flawlessly clean if you’ve simply been chilling at home!

While it can sense snug to living room round on your leggings at home, many human beings pick a further layer of safety while they’re out in the world. Plus, there are a few different advantages to carrying underwear together along with your leggings, whether or not you’re choosing a bamboo g-string, bikini, or boxer quick style.

Inflammation and infection:

Tight, sweaty underwear can result in inflammation and infection. The equal is going for tight, sweaty leggings! Adding a further layer of moisture-wicking cloth can assist hold you snug and funky whilst you meet your fitness goal.

Want to clean your underwear after each use, squeezing a further day of wear and tear from your leggings. That method fewer journeys to the showering machine, much less expenditure on detergent, and a decreased water bill. We name that a win-win-win.

So, have you put on underwear with leggings? Now that you higher recognize a number of the advantages of carrying and now no longer carry underwear below leggings, it’s as much as you to make the high-quality desire to your lifestyle.

When it involves getting dressed, there’s no proper or wrong—it’s all about your comfort!

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