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Fall Fashion 2021

Love Autumn? Or do you rather enjoy spending it in the comfort of your beloved warm room, with a cup of tea in your hand? Whatever your answer is, one is for sure – Fall fashion is just different from fashion for other seasons in the year! It’s fun, stylish, and most of all – it can bring a smile to your face even on those moody and rainy days!

Wondering what is in trend for Fall 2021? Check out our list!

1. Cozy sweaters. Let’s welcome art & crafts with joy! Amplified outwear will be interesting this Autumn. Patchwork, mixed with unexpected colors, and 3-prints will transform your entire style. Be brave, be noticed – with Fall fashion 2021!

2. Utilitarian boots. We are ready for the hardest rain with utilitarian boots! These are truly a must-have for Fall fashion trends 2021. Besides that, you’ll create a smart investment if you buy utilitarian boots because they are high-quality and long-lasting. You can pair them with literally any outfit! Stay warm and stylish easily.

3. Turtleneck. Whether you like printed or basic knits, dresses, or even hoodies, they will definitely need to have a turtleneck this Fall.

4. Lightweight drill jackets. They are also known as ”huggable” jackets because they are so warm and soft! Choose some basic color that will easily fit your printed turtleneck shirts and tops.

5. Denim UP, Denim DOWN. Yes, you are finally allowed to wear denim as your pants, as well as to choose denim for your jacket. It was ”forbidden” a few years ago, but we are free now! Combine different denim colors for an even better effect.

6. Warm dresses. Dresses are not reserved for summers only. From now on, we choose warmer dresses that can be worn both in the Autumn and Winter season. Even better if they are created in a way that shows off your sexiness. Be brave and express your feminine side!

7. Utility pants. Cargo pants came back in a bit different version. They can now be worn both for formal and casual occasions. Choose interesting cargo pants that have utility characteristics.

8. Vests and crop bras. This Fall, we won’t be wearing them as underwear only. Try mixing them with a plain white shirt, but the bra has to be visible – or better said, dress shirt first, and bra next. Wow!

9. Poncho. Yes, we miss summer and we want to stay warm. Yet, we also want to be stylish, right? Choose a poncho in some interesting color. We highly recommend the colors of Autumn, like yellow, red, orange, or brown.

10. Eyeliner. Let’s not forget about the biggest makeup trend this Fall, and that would definitely be eyeliner! From now on, you can finally wear it on a daily basis on the lower eyelid. It’s not reserved for rock stars and very young girls only. A dramatic look with cat eyes is guaranteed!

As you can see, we are celebrating freedom! We want to mix different styles and express our own personalities in a way we like.

Let’s say goodbye to forbidden fashion rules!

How do you like these Fall 2021 fashion trends?

Which of them will you wear?

Can you think of some other trend we have forgotten to mention?

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