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Why is dressing up so important in our world?

Have you ever wondered and asked yourself – Why should I have to wear uncomfortable clothes in order to be aesthetically pleasing to others? Lots of things people expect of you aren’t required by law or relationships. You’re much more likely to get bumped up to business class if you dress the part, or so.


Why do we dress up for others? First of all, we do it because that’s expected of us. Second of all, we do it because others do it and we don’t want to look weird or get excluded from society.


But it’s true – People will draw conclusions about you based on the choices you make. That’s a fact of life. Those conclusions will impact whether you get a job and what kind, whether someone will go on a date with you, or whether you are arrested for doing something another person got by with. People even make conclusions about others just by watching their style. Of course, that’s wrong – you’ll get tricked tons of times. There’s one sentence that may tell an amazing story related to this topic – “The biggest criminals don’t wear tattoos, they wear suits and ties.” I hope this has explained a lot to you.


The most important thing to remember is that you don’t “have to” prove yourself through clothing. You definitely need to be strong enough and brave enough to deal with the consequences of your choices. Yes, dressing up in a certain way is a choice, but it also needs to be followed by a certain attitude of yours.


Keep in mind that those rules don’t exist. It’s up to you, 100%. Your choices will have consequences for you, whether it’s your clothing, your manners, your tattoos, or your message T-shirts. Why should you have to wear clothes that fit in, that please others? Your self-esteem will even drop this way. Deep inside yourself, you’ll feel that you are not living your life by your own rules and manners, but just by pleasing others, which definitely is not the point.

Maybe there’s a compromise, a middle way. Your choices all carry a message about what you think of yourself and other people, and they are up to you, and you are free to do what you want and to generate the consequences you get. Think about how much you can handle and how important your own style is to you.


But to be completely honest with you – isn’t this society truly boring by bringing uniforms for literally anything? For example, if you are a woman working in a bank, they even tell you to put on makeup on a daily basis. What if you don’t like makeup? What if you consider it a toxic chemical that masks your true beauty? They’ll tell you how you don’t look professional without makeup. Just think about how silly that sounds. Be brave enough to stand up for what matters to you. Your own inner self and a strong attitude against society’s dumb rules that have no true point but to make you fit the crowd.

What do you think about the dress code?

What’s your personal clothing style that makes you stand out from the crowd?

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