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TRADER JOE’S and OTHERS Will Pay Employees To Get Vaccinated

What Is My LIFE  worth?

What Is My SOUL worth?!

What Is My FREEDOM worth?


There is no amount of money worth my life, health, soul, and freedom. Even if I was offered the entire Earth on a platter, it still wouldn’t be enough.

Your body is the temple of God. Please don’t allow them to pollute it with what’s in those injections, no matter how hard they try.

I’m afraid 2021 is going to be much worse than 2020. Welcome to the New World Order! It’s all about it…

A lot of places are offering bonuses to employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine. First, they tried to make the jab look like a precious resource to “convince” Americans that it was so valuable. And what’s next? You can see it coming… Full control.

Mandatory vaccine… But before making it mandatory, they will need to create an event or manipulate statistics to make it seem “needed”. Second, they began picking off the elderly, and now they’re targeting the lower-income class working people. Fast food and Amazon warehouses…

swgfRobots can’t take over all these jobs yet so it looks like this is another sign of their planned collapse of the nation. We won’t need Amazon for a bit, while the economy will come crashing down the debt bubble. It’s all upon us…

Trader Joe’s wants to pay people their 2 working hours, which is a minimum wage. That to get vaccinated? I think they will need to come up with a bit more to entice people… That’s what they think about us – that we are that cheap!

Darden restaurants are paying people as well. They own Olive Garden, Cheddars, Longhorn, and a few other major dine-in chains. They’ll pay you for up to 4 hours to go get this ”thing” inside yourself.

In Texas, they are paying 500 to take the shot and 250 for your other significant to take it.

And then I remembered what my parents told me when I was a child – ”STAY AWAY FROM THE BUS THAT SAYS “FREE CANDY” ON IT!” Sounds familiar?

The best way to trick everyone – just to give them money. The greed for money is the root of all evil. People are not using the power of it in a good way – for example, to donate to charity and help others in need…

The mouse dies in the mousetrap because it doesn’t realize that the cheese is not free – They’re that desperate at this point…

New York flu season has shrunk by the exact same number that COVID-19 has gone up. Mass dissemination is the only chance now…

Good thing – People are rising up in Europe. If the “pandemic” were as bad as they claim, you would hear ambulance sirens all day long. You would see a constant stream of traffic at funeral parlors. Is that happening? I don’t think so.

And then, of course, you would have many friends and family who died from it. The homeless would be found dead in the streets.

asdfsewIn an effort to get you to take this poison they have forced some employees under threat of losing their jobs. Just unbelievable. They have offered money, marijuana, and even raffle tickets for a car. If that isn’t enough to wake people up then they are just plain ignorant and incapable of everything.

It is unlawful because it is experimental, not FDA approved and has no long term testing. Ask the companies mandating to accept responsibility for any injuries since they are “mandating” it. They will say it’s about you – if something bad happens, that’s your problem.

Europe has been having a lot of push back, and protests are happening on a daily basis now. I hope the others will start doing the same worldwide…

What do you expect to happen this year?

What may be the long term consequences on the body of this vaccine?

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