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Creative Ways To Use a Bar Cart

Creative Ways To Use a Bar Cart

Whether your days of making cocktails are over or you’ve simply acquired a new bar cart, there are plenty of reasons to hang on to your old cart. It can provide a unique storage apparatus in rooms that are lacking in décor or help you reach your organizational goals. Either way, you can get a much longer shelf life out of a fancy bar cart instead of dumping it once you’ve finished using it to display alcohol. Consider the following creative ways to use a bar cart to embellish rooms around your home.

Organizing the Nursery Essentials

Make sure the baby’s room and its essentials are always organized by equipping it with a bar cart. The bar cart’s original purpose may juxtapose oddly with a nursery’s needs, but you can easily transform it into a neat hub for baby room necessities.

Bar carts are the perfect-sized storage addition to a nursery—not too large but sizeable enough to stow books, stuffed animals, and baby toiletries.

Creating Bathroom Storage

Rarely does anyone have enough space for their basic toiletries and adequate hair and skin care products in a bathroom cupboard. Install your bar cart in the bathroom to provide abundant storage space for the beauty influencer in you.

While casual extras, such as towels and toilet paper, can fill the bottom rack, you can stock the top shelf with everyday essentials in organized bins or decorative cups—cotton swabs, makeup brushes, perfumes, etc.

Offering Coffee Specials

Swap the booze for the bean! You can keep the same styling ideas for your bar cart but replace the components. By renovating your bar cart into a coffee cart, you won’t have to relocate your apparatus. You can include your morning ritual favorites and stock up on occasional fixings, such as luxurious sweeteners or high-grade coffee beans.

If you’re not into coffee, you can adjust this idea to work with tea. Stock your cart with a variety of caffeinated or caffeine-free flavors—whatever your preference.

Stocking the Craft Supplies

In addition to finding creative ways to use a bar cart, you can flex your creative muscles by turning one into a craft station. Crafting supplies tend to wind up in random drawers around the house. Dedicate your newly transformed cart to hold your DIY supplies. Using cups, bins, folders, and other organizational tools, you can make your crafting equipment more accessible.

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