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Do Masks Work to Fight Against the Virus?

As the Wuhan coronavirus continues to spread in more than 100 countries, officials in the country are urging citizens to wear masks in public to stop the spread of the Virus. Some cities of China and other parts of Asia are reportedly running out of the face masks.

But, some governments are suggesting to not buy them or wear them.


Why do they say ‘don’t buy a mask?’

Media has been calling face-masks “unnecessary, false sense of security.” HHS Secretary Alex Azar announced Lara Ingraham’s show that he just deregulated the use of construction grade N95 masks so they can be used for medical purposes. He said that would significantly increase our nation’s supply of available masks for health professionals. But they don’t work for the general population against the coronavirus.

They say don’t buy a mask. Don’t wear a mask, and don’t take any precautions. One of the government officials made a public announcement and said, “This morning, we talked a great deal about additional medical supplies. Let me be very clear, and I’m sure the physicians who are up here will reflect this as well. The average American does not need to go out and buy a mask.” Really?

asdasdThe US has access to around 43 million medical masks. Despite the president’s assurance that Americans did not currently need the masks, the vice president said the country was contracting with 3M to create 35 million more masks each month. So the citizens don’t need them but the American government just ordered 30 million of them. We will never see those masks ever again.

I’m surprised how the government wants us to believe that the masks are completely useless and want to save them for the medical community. If these masks are so useless, why then does the medical community need them? The CDC’s website even says that in 95 classifications of masks are good to inhibit the inhalation of bacteria and viruses. It is irresponsible and dangerous, especially for high-risk groups. Obviously, they don’t offer 100% protection, but it’s better than nothing if used properly.


Why are they giving such advice? 

One surgeon urged the public to stop buying masks, warning that it won’t help against the spread of the coronavirus but will take away essential resources from health care professionals. “Seriously, people – stop buying masks!” The surgeon general, Jerome M. Adams, said in a tweet. In another tweet, Dr. Adams said the best way to protect against the Virus is to wash hands regularly, and for those who are feeling ill to stay home.

As per the CDC, the Singapore government offered free face masks to every single resident family. Taiwan government guarantees 2 masks per week to every citizen. Korean government promised to deliver 3.5 M masks to state-owned public shops at regular prices.

China and Japan are both late countries that produce large quantities of masks. Each country can make 20-30 M /day in 2019. Most of them are for exportation. If they can increase production by x 10, which is 200-300 M/day ONLY, after deducting from their populations altogether, we shall know how many left for exportations in 2020, and what the CDC can suggest.

If they are referring to regular surgical masks, it is only 50% true. These types of masks are designed to prevent virus output. Basically, such masks are for preventing/blocking one patient’s sickness to the next patient. It has to be switched when it gets wet. But masks with valves and respirators with valves, no matter if it is N95/N99/P95/P99, are for healthy people, protecting from viruses inhale. Masks with valves are what public health needs at this moment.


The N95 respirator mask

If you’re considering getting N95 respirator masks as an antiviral defense, there are few things you need to know. These masks only work if they have a perfect seal to your face. You have to get it fitted or know how to fit it. Your face must be perfectly clean-shave. Any beard or stubble can break the seal. The masks may just not fit you no matter what you do. Some of the people were getting fitted for n95 masks in the case of an outbreak in the hospital. Some people just couldn’t make a seal with the mask just because of their facial shape. Those people would have to wear a special hood with a one-way exhalation valve and an intake motor hooked onto their belt, with an air feed tube hooked into the back of the hood. This type of mask is difficult to wear because it’s uncomfortable.

asdasdsI’m not saying don’t buy them, or that they don’t help against viruses. Well, I definitely not think like our government. Masks do work, obviously. But do not treat the N95 mask like a magical barrier. The best barrier against any disease is limiting human contact and exercising hygienic practices.

Masks on everyone is actually the most logical thing to do. Yes, you may still catch something while wearing one, but the odds go way down. If we have mask manufacture capacity, things will be different. If everyone wears a surgical mask and switches masks whenever it gets wet, there is very little chance for healthy people to get a new infection. Of course, the infected ones either recovered or disappeared.

When the government tells you that you don’t need something, you definitely need it.

At last, why is it that none of these folk that had the Virus and recovered have been interviewed? Think about it, people!

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