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What happened with Kashmir? Does it matter to the rest of the world?

Correcting a ”historical blunder” is what they call it. India’s BJP-lead government has decided how they ‘made a mistake’ and how they needed to do something about Kashmir. Its autonomy seems like something that has bothered them recently after almost more than seven decades!

Why has this happened in the first place? Is it somehow important? Oh, yes it is…

Let’s talk about Kashmir position first. It is a Himalayan region. Pakistan and India believe how that is their land.

asdasdadsBefore this all happened, people knew this area as Kashmir and Jammu. In 1947, this part of the land has joined India for ‘some reasons’. It all happened when the end of British rule was around the corner.

Pakistan and India had a war due to this territory. Both of these countries believed how that land is completely theirs. After some time, they have agreed to create a ceasefire line.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t all. In the last 30 years, everyone was able to witness so much violence coming from the Indian side while Jammu (or Kashmir) was trying to get their independence once again.

At the beginning of this month, August 2019, Indian troops have occupied Kashmir. There have been almost more than tens of thousands of them.

When it comes to the normal life of people, all that you need to know is how even schools, internet, and telephone services, tourism tours, etc have been completely canceled and shot down. That was an alarming sign for the entire planet. Even their political leaders were arrested. Just wow! How did the world let this even happen?

Kashmir had a really complex relationship with India for more than 70 years. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop India to revoke almost everything written in Article 370 (which was some sort of an agreement about peace with India and Kashmir).

What the law written in Article 370 brought in the first place was allowing some sort of autonomy for Kashmir. They had their freedom to make own laws, have their own flag, and to somehow live peacefully in their minds.

It seems like how someone else’s peaceful life didn’t mean much to India and its government. All they cared about was making Kashmir just another part of India (like they think about all other parts and countries near them).

There were also some speculations coming from BJP. It is believed how they just wanted to change their overall demographic character. It was a Muslim majority region, but their main reason (as believed) was allowing others to buy some land there as well.

Overall, that’s just one huge excuse. This, what happened, wasn’t even legal. The state government was the only one that was able to modify Article 370. Or, was it?

Every rule now that applies for India and their citizens, will be also applied for Kashmir and their people.

Do you realize the problem? Who has that much power to decide this to happen?

asdasdsAlthough countless people will just say how this doesn’t happen at some other parts of the world, that is simply not true. If you believe that, it means how you are still not aware of the world we live in.

I am sometimes (or better said often) disgusted by this world, are you as well?

Do you believe how people who make such decisions (illegal ones) should suffer some really hard consequences?

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