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This World Would Be A Much Better Place If Facebook Doesn’t Exist!

Yes, Facebook went down recently. I am actually very surprised that it’s such big news, when we have too many other, more important things, to think of. The entire world literally lost its mind because this server was down for just a few hours? Yes, it should make you think about what society we live in today.

But what happened actually? Okay, you can’t refresh that newsfeed like crazy, but what I saw is people walking like human beings and not zombies, for a change.

I discovered that it happened because of the social media blackout. This social media has crippled the minds of many sons and many around the world. At the moment, I have just reminded myself that I wish it never came back. But, unfortunately, it did.

The algorithms of AI used on every platform of the internet were created to “learn” a searcher’s or user’s interests and therefore put various feeds into the stream. The person can see other options or related topics, too. Of course, those include merchandise. Buy, buy, buy… You need this, you need that – hey, you are missing something to become ”perfect”!

Russian teenagers use their mobile phones while sitting on a bench in a park in central Moscow on April 24, 2018. (Photo by Mladen ANTONOV / AFP) (Photo credit should read MLADEN ANTONOV/AFP/Getty Images)

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen said in Congressional testimony on Tuesday that Facebook’s algorithm encourages people to watch angry, hateful, and misleading content. She argued that the company places its $85 billion in annual revenue above the safety of its users, which is why congressional action is needed to curtail the social media giant lest it continues to “harm children, stoke division and weaken our democracy.” But if Facebook has proven itself unwilling to reign in its toxic algorithm, with whom do we charge that responsibility?

The bottom line is always money. Another bottom line is also controlling your entire life, and in the first place – your mind and feelings. You can’t be free and happy if you are constantly online on Facebook. ”The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil”, I am sure you’ve heard of that.

Was Fakebook, IG & Whatsapp deliberately targeted? Do things like these outages happen to these powerful players by accident? I don’t think so. This is also about money only. While most people didn’t even notice that they were offline, for some Facebook users it was a disaster. But have you actually ever asked yourself why you have an account on this social media platform? How does it benefit you? Think about it for a bit.

I am happy about people who didn’t even know that FB went down. It means that they are on the right track! One woman said: ”I don’t use either of those creepy services. They violate your privacy – how can you go along with that? I value my privacy over Facebook, Twitter, and What’s up.”

Why does someone want to live virtual reality and fake life when they can live their own, wonderful life? Oh yes, I remember – probably because it’s easier to pretend to be someone fake than to actually work on something.

The fact that it’s taken this long for some people to recognize the perils of social media says a lot about our society. I’m starting to see Facebook becoming more and more like MySpace. We don’t need a company, corporation, or government to tell us what is true, we need freedom of speech, and an educational system that produces critical thinking skills. It’s sad that parents want to see freedom of speech gone because they’re too lazy to police up, teach and raise their own children. It’s easier to put the blame elsewhere I guess. In the future, when all of our kid’s thoughts, lives, finances and happiness are managed by the government, they’re going to hate us all for letting it happen.

But, be honest with yourself – Facebook is a colossal waste of time. You have this one life. Live it, truly.

This root CA was the authoritative source of the security certificates for almost everything it did (most things you do are secured by some sort of certificate. All the websites you browse or services you use are ensured by the security of a cert.). So, when the root certificate authority expired, it meant the certs were no longer valid and hence caused outrage not only to their public-facing systems but also most of their internal systems as well. The fact that this outage only lasted for a handful of hours is astonishing.

Are you sick and tired of fake lives on social media?

Would you like that Facebook disappears forever?

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