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This food is banned in the US, but available in other countries

Ever wondered what food you can’t in the United States, but can enjoy in numerous other countries all around the globe? Take a look at the list below:

1. Kinder Surprise. Can you believe American children are not able to have the joy of Kinder Surprise Eggs? What’s the problem? The FDA banned it and replaced it with Kinder Joy Egg, due to the possibility that small kids can choke on the toy that’s inside it. Of course, we know that Kinder Joy contains a toy as well, but it’s wrapped differently for safety.

2. Horse meat. I don’t think that there are too many people who would enjoy horse meat, but the truth is – it’s illegal to slaughter horses. Yes, you can find horse meat somewhere, but you are not able to produce it by yourself.

3. Shark fins are banned in 12 states. 12 states in the US have banned shark fins due to animal cruelty. Yes, you’ll be able to find it in some restaurants, but keep this fact in mind when you get an idea to eat it in America.

4. Pufferfish. The US claims that this Japanese fish is not healthy and can harm your skin and organs, therefore – it’s banned.

5. Pudding, but not the one you think. The US has also banned one sort of pudding, but luckily it’s not a sweet one. They obviously have something against Haggis, a meal that’s made from sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs. It’s obvious why they’ve banned it, isn’t it? Those who claim that Haggis is very tasty often mix it with oatmeal and onions.

6. Jamaican fruit. Ackee fruit is banned as well, due to the fact that this Jamaican fruit contains a substance that disrupts the body’s ability to release blood sugar – hypoglycin A.

7. Caviar. We are talking about beluga caviar, and it is banned due to the fact that fish has become an endangered species. Earlier, it was sold for $200 per portion.

8. Sassafras oil. It’s considered to contain safrole, which was proven to be cancerogenic.

9. Rotten cheese. In other words, Casu marzu is forbidden because it is literally full of live maggots. Although this cheese is very traditional and loved in Italy, you won’t have a chance to try it in the US.

10. Absinthe. You’ve probably watched a movie called Eurotrip and saw young people who were truly excited to leave America and enjoy Europe. There was that Absinthe scene as well, where they saw a fairy after consuming it. Of course, absinthe isn’t that strong and can’t make you hallucinate, but Americans obviously don’t think that way. Yes, you can maybe get hallucinations after the entire bottle, but that’s how things work with almost all alcoholic drinks, right? The US claims that this drink contains poisonous ingredients.

11. No more French cuisine. Luckily, we are not talking about espresso and croissants, but about one particular dish – Foie gras. The problem with Foie gras is that it’s made unethically. This dish comes from duck or goose’s liver. America believes that this causes too much stress to certain birds.

We hope that you found this article very interesting and informative.

Did you know about this banned food in the US?

Can you think of some other dishes in America that aren’t available on the menu?

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