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13 Things Your Waiter Doesn’t Want You To Know

I am pretty sure that you have been in a restaurant or a bar for countless times, but have you ever asked yourself are there some secrets your waiter doesn’t want you to know? We have done great research with a purpose to find that out. Some of the facts you will now see may shock you! So, let’s start!

Don’t ask for lemon in your water. Why not? Because lemons are really filthy. They are literally touched by everyone and barely washed when needed to be cut.

adqfeYou are overspending on wine. Yes, you have read that right. Wine costs from $2 to $4 per bottle, and you will pay like $8-12 per glass!

They recommend dishes based on price. If you have thought about how the dish was offered to you because of the quality, I will need to disappoint you. They will always recommend you more expensive dishes.

Want that daily special? That’s not such a great idea. Those are most of the times not fresh.

Your coffee may be decaf. It depends on when you order your coffee, but you must know how after 9 p.m. you will probably get a decaf coffee when you order an ordinary one. Why is that so? Because nobody wants to clean different coffee pots at that time.

Requests to change dishes. They hate when you make this request. You may think about how it is not a big deal, but the truth is how the restaurant prepares as much as they can ahead of time and some things come premade, so it is difficult to accommodate.

Always be polite to your waiter. Your waiter is more likely to find a way to add things to your dining experience, like adding drinks or dessert on the house. So, just be polite, it is not that hard.

Seating an incomplete party. Okay, let’s say that you wanted to have a party with a bunch of your friends at the restaurant. Yet, you have arrived earlier. Angry at the waiter because he or she cannot seat an incomplete party? They are not able to do that. Don’t worry, they are not trying to make you mad. Just wait for your friends.

That empty table… You should know how not every table you see is a free one. People reserve some tables ahead. So, no, your waiter has nothing against you.

Trying to help with the dishes? You may think about how you are helping your waiter when you buss the dishes, but you aren’t at all. Let them do the whole job, because you may even make it harder for them when you are trying to help. Some dishes don’t go one with another.

The DJ problem. You have heard a song on the radio while eating your lunch in a restaurant and asked your waiter to turn the volume up? Your waiter is not a DJ, and trust me, he or she always has more important tasks to do.

asdadqdqdYour B-day. We all feel special on our B-days, but your waiter doesn’t care about it. If you expect that your waiter is more polite just because it’s your birthday, you will need to rethink that idea.

Booze. Be sure to tip your waiter while ordering booze. Yes, they expect that.

Have you ever worked as a waiter?

Can you think of some other waiter’s secrets?

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