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Eating SOYLENT GREEN? Are we living in the movie?

Being a vegan is a personal choice that comes with a strong personal reason. Actually, such a diet can be very healthy if people really take everything they need. Most often, it happens that vegans are not truly aware of the danger the food industry sells to them. I would gladly eat a lot of beans rattan than that poison! And now they have realized that many people got the idea of how bad the food may be, so they have started using some other cheap psychological tricks to make people still buy it.

Why are these evil people pushing this stuff by using the faces of celebrities? It’s a shame. They are supporting the poison food industry while being paid for that. Just think about it – if these celebrities really cared about the general public they would’ve influenced fast-food restaurants to change their menus 40 + years ago…

Think about how much water and energy it takes to turn a plant into a burger, to create their abomination… And how can they claim to be pro-plant, pro-environment if they want all the CO2 gone? That is completely ridiculous. Plants and humans are dependent on the CO2 cycle to live.

fadwasThis is all going according to their plans. It’s so obvious you can almost predict their next moves. Bill Gates, a man that created a computer program now became some sort of a fake dietitian. They are acting like we all have 5 years and an IQ of 70. Such lies they are serving us on a plate became even offensive because of their stupidity! Who is so blind not to see that?


Listen, if they were “concern” about society’s eating habits they would have changed the menu and cooking style of all fast food places or get rid of them all together! And all that, a long time ago. Besides that, they would do the same for the menus in schools and kindergartens.

The impossible burger contains more estrogen than a birth control pill, and then they will stand ”surprised” why men these days look more like women than men. Their whole shape has changed!

The point is clear. They want all land, all water, all resources, all properties… They want to bankrupt farmers, especially cattle ranches so that they can buy out the land that eats these impossible burgers will develop the cannibal disease known as Kuru! It is an endless and vicious circle that is speeding up and enjoying its ride, while we all here will suffer the consequences.

Even when meats were in abundance, they were putting chemicals in that to keep them on the shelf. My friend makes us meatless meals from scratch. If you’re concerned with what the meatless priced burgers have in them, it’s plenty of plant-based recipes you can find online. We were never 100% safe with processed meat.

Soon we have to pay tax on breath, if not, we must wear masks. There isn’t even a meat shortage – you just have to go find a farmer. They’re just continuously coming up with ways to fool us into eating human meat. I’m pretty sure that these burgers have human meat in them just enough to make people like it and not know it, so they can propose a cannibalistic agenda – here we go the real purge.

We need to pay attention to COVID victims who weren’t buried and homeless who have disappeared because they just may be the new supply.

I’ve learned to do the exact opposite of whatever they say we should be doing, and so far, I was never wrong.

Support local farmers, help our planet survive, help our society survive with that amazing manner you carry in your heart!

sdfsdI know you carry a lot of kindness in yourself because you are reading this, so let’s do something good for us all from now on.

Soylent Green was released in 1973, the trailer mentioned 50 years in the future… That would be 2023, right? Only three years ahead of us… Yet, we have time to change it before it’s too late!

“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who control the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” — Henry Kissinger

Do you support local farmers?

Do you think that most meat today is artificial or full of hormones?

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