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The ‘Perfect’ Woman’s Body, According to Men and Women

It’s true that men and women consider beauty in a bit different manner. Here, we will talk about gender differences in understanding a woman’s beauty. First, I will talk about what they consider beautiful in a lady in the same manner, and later on, I will continue explaining the differences they see.


Beautiful hair. Both men’s and women’s attention is easily caught by a beautiful lady’s hair. Men love to see ladies with long and healthy hair because that biologically expresses their health status, while women just admire beautiful hair from other ladies, and often try to copy their style when it’s good. Besides that, women often consider straight and long hair as more beautiful, while men like it in different styles – curly, blonde, brunette, or black, it’s not the most important thing for them.

sdffeEyes. Big eyes are often characterized as a symbol of beauty. Of course, they catch everyone’s attention, but men prefer to see bright and healthy-looking eyes because that biologically represents a healthy mate. Women often consider beautiful eyes those that have outstanding makeup, but men usually don’t drag their attention into that way. Ladies also think that men prefer women with blue eyes, but researchers have found out that they actually find more comfort while looking at dark and brown eyes (it simply reminds them of kindness and safety).


Curves. Numerous ladies worldwide go on different diets with the purpose to keep their bodies as slim as possible. And although both couples are attracted with pleasantly shaped bodies, men actually see a woman’s beauty in a different manner. Every gentleman will drag their attention to the lady with curves, while women will consider a slim model more beautiful.

Waistline. Men are definitely attracted to beautifully shaped waistlines because that reminds them of health and fertility. As said above already, ladies think that women with very thin waistlines are very beautiful.


Clothes. If you think that men love to see women in very tight clothes only, let me help you reassess your beliefs. Actually, it’s shown that most men are attracted to ladies in skirts and dresses, and especially casual ones. Women, on the other hand, find ladies in heels and very tight clothes attractive. For men, dresses and skirts are capable of representing a lady’s femininity in the best possible manner. Besides that, men are usually not fans of very high heels because they may look a bit aggressive.

fewfreMake-up and accessories. Ladies will be surprised to hear that men are not attracted by too much makeup and accessories women usually wear. Bright and natural makeup is what makes them attracted to women the most.


Muscles. If you’re spending hours in the gym with a purpose to get those 6 pack abs and attract the man you like, we have something to tell you – most men say that they prefer more natural looks than super-fit ladies.


When we think about everything said above, we can easily come to the conclusion that women consider pretty what the beauty industry has told them it’s pretty, while men are still attracted to what they’ve always loved – beautiful, curvy, and healthy ladies.


If you’re a man, what do you consider beautiful about a woman?

If you’re a lady, what do you consider pretty on other women?

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