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Over The Last Couple Of Months, A Large Number Of Pastors WORLDWIDE Have Been Getting Arrested For Holding Services In Their Places Of Worship

When you get arrested for having a church service you know we’re nearing the end of days. I guess that this is completely clear for everyone… To be completely honest with you, I am not actually surprised – I am just wondering how it’s possible that such days have come so quickly to us…

Everything is changing rapidly – that’s what governments worldwide brag about. But is it changing for good? Not at all, of course. As a human, you can feel it by yourself…

Yes, the title of this article may be upsetting, but the truth is that more wrong arrests are happening this year.  According To Pastor Perry, Police marched right into his Sunday service, walked up to the Pulpit in the middle of the service, and told him he had to shut it down immediately. Wait, what?

But, Pastor Perry refused to end service without a final prayer (for which we are all very grateful and proud).

Unfortunately, just right after that, he was arrested. Police started taking details of some of the members of the congregation after a few moments. Why did they do it? Most likely to deliver monetary fines… We are all already used to those, aren’t we?

sdfvsdfIn Alberta, Canada, the Pastor of a church that was raided by 6 police officers demanded the officers leave the property and stop intimidating his parishioners on the holiest of holidays. Pastor Artur Pawlowski of the street church called the officers Nazis – which is a reference to the para-military forces used In Nazi-era Germany. I’m pretty sure you understand what I’m talking about…

The Pastor also told the officers not to come back without a warrant. Pawlowski said the officers were not there to uphold social distancing guidelines (seriously, why would the police even think of that in the first place?), but wanted to intimidate Christian worshipers during the Passover. People, we are not even allowed to express our own beliefs anymore! Even people in prisons have more rights about that than we do these days!

Later on, two officers took control of the pulpit and threatened to fine members of the congregation $276 dollars or arrest them if they did not leave. Just wow, how harsh is this? It’s incredible!

Is this story over? Unfortunately, no. Many similar events are happening globally, but barely anyone can or has enough bravery to talk about it. Let’s continue with our true story everyone should hear about…

A 71-year-old pastor of a north London church was arrested on April 23 under the city’s Public Order Act for allegedly making “homophobic comments” during a public sermon. The Catholic Mission said the police “brutally exceeded their powers and that the rights of the faithful were wronged on such an important day for every believer.

And let’s remember a few things that have happened lately… During the shutdowns – Liquor stores, marijuana shops, and big chain grocery stores were allowed to operate, while churches and places of worship were shut down. It’s no mistake – they are doing everything in their power to break down our spirits and everything that’s right. Will we allow them to do it? Not with God on our side!


In Calgary, they enforced a shutdown of the church as well. They have also placed 3 fences around it. The Pastor of that church responded: “We still had church.” When asked where – He said: “None of your concerns.” The Government has forgotten that the church isn’t a building, but the body of the Messiah…


God bless these men of God and I thank these men for standing up for what is right – this is for everyone who does anything good for this planet and society! Just don’t give up, don’t let them convince you that there’s no exit from this torture!

vsdIn Florida, the casinos are open but the churches are ordered to be shut. I can’t take these insane things anymore. We all must do something about it, together. At least, God is always on our side. Or better said – we are on the right side.

Any police officer or official who watches this and thinks it’s ok, lawful, or participates in this needs to really wonder what they are doing & thinking – please just take a few minutes of your time and think about this. This is a spiritual battle where evil uses the mechanisms of the state to oppress good people. It is in no way right.

Remember one day we will all be sifted, for what we do for the least of His people. If you’re an officer, refuse to take part.


When King Uzziah presumed to enter the temple of God he was quickly ushered out by the priests and God smote him leprosy. Violation of the temple of God is called sacrilege and God deals with it personally.

Somebody should track the lives of these arrogant, sacrilegious usurpers of power and see what God does to them if they do not repent.

Well, I wonder if they also raided other religious institutions like mosques, synagogues, or temples…

You know what I’m talking about…


How do you cope with this extreme nowadays stress?

Are you ready to stand against this injustice?


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