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9 Things You Should do Daily To Make You More Attractive

Everyone wants to be more attractive. But we all know how achieving that may not be that simple… Yet, there are some things you can do on a daily basis which will definitely make you more desirable to the opposite gender!

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Sense of humor. ”He makes me laugh”, is one of the reasons women often say they find their mate attractive. A sense of humor in a man has been scientifically proven to draw the attention of women. Studies have found that both women and men list ‘a sense of humor’ as a highly desirable trait in a potential romantic partner. Why? Because having such skills mean that you are intelligent and creative as well. Yet, women are evolutionary the primary caregivers for youngsters, they may be particularly concerned with having kids with good genes. Besides that, everyone likes to be around someone who brings them serotonin, creates more fun, and always looks at the bright side of life. People with a sense of humor are also more optimistic and try to solve the problems in a better/positive way.

afaWear light makeup. Be sure to express your natural beauty. Too much makeup is not attractive to men, and most of them claim how they don’t have much trust in women who completely ‘change their identity’ with makeup. Find what suits you. Be sure to choose the right colors depending on your skin tone, eyes, and hair color.

Always be kind. When it comes to attraction, it’s definitely not all about looks. Good people often seem more attractive. “The ‘halo effect’ suggests that those who are perceived as physically attractive are also perceived as having socially favorable personality traits like kindness.” This stereotype may also work in the opposite direction – socially favorable personality traits may also affect ratings of physical attractiveness.

Avoid stress. Just like how smiling and displaying kindness make you more attractive, dull skin, for example, makes you less attractive. And not just because stress tends to show up on our faces – somehow, others can sense that it’s part of a weakened immune system.

In a study from Europe and South Africa, women rated men as more attractive when the men had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and a stronger immune system. “Women seem to be able to detect the men who’ve got the strongest immune response, and they seem to find them the most attractive.”

Stay active. Women definitely love men who are physically active more. You can simply connect it to our biology. Women want their men to protect them, so physically active men are always more desirable than those who would choose to lay in front of the TV for the whole day.

Education. Both women and men prefer people who are educated than those who aren’t. Don’t get me wrong, it is all about working on yourself. Learn some new skills if you want to be more attractive to another gender.

Get rid of bad habits. Any bad habit that affects your life in a bad way may be a big alarm for your potential partner. If you are biting your nails, drinking alcohol, smoking, swearing, or you name it, know-how that really makes you less attractive. Be sure to change such habits.

A healthy diet. Make healthier food choices and watch your skin, hair, and overall body become more beautiful. Get rid of all those toxins and improve your levels of attractiveness.


Take care of your health issues. It doesn’t matter if you are suffering from allergies, bad breath, or have a chronic sinus infection, be sure to take good care of your health. Of course, you will be more attractive to your partner/potential partner that way because we are all biologically searching for a healthy mate.

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