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The Oscars Slap

The entire world is talking about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, but we have created a timeline representing how everything actually happened.

I believe that there’s no person in this society who hasn’t heard about Will Smith smacking Chris Rock at the Oscars, but not everyone surely knows why this incident happened.

It’s true that Smith has shocked many with what he did during the Academy Awards, but it turned out it was all about Will’s wife. Chris has made a joke about Will Smith’s wife going bald, but couldn’t imagine that he would provoke such a reaction.

Will Smith later said that his wife, Jada, is struggling with alopecia. Since 2018, the diagnosis has changed her entire life. Jada is very sensitive about alopecia and hair loss and has openly talked about losing her confidence. We can easily come to the conclusion that Will knows best how she is feeling since he is her husband and living with her.

Was Chris Rock’s joke naive, as he first said? Will Smith has, after smacking him in the face, told: “Keep my wife’s name out of your f****** mouth!” Chris was a bit confused, but said in his defense: “It was a G.I. Jane jokes.” Obviously, that didn’t calm Will Smith down because he has just repeated what he said earlier.

Later that night, people said that no one saw Chris Rock, although he claimed that he is feeling fine. Will Smith stayed and got his oscar. Behind the scene, the information shows that Tyler Perry, Bradley Cooper, and Denzel Washington came to comfort Will Smith. He was obviously having hard times because of his wife’s diagnosis and her mental state.

Yet, everyone who watched the Academy Awards didn’t see what happened right after the slap. Therefore, it left people questioning the incident. So, what did it all look like?

Cameras show that Will Smith was first smiling at Chris Rock’s joke related to his wife, but Jada was obviously feeling unpleasant, rolling her eyes. We can easily come to the conclusion that Will Smith realized how his wife felt, and tried to fix how he reacted. After the slap, Jada started laughing.

The academy has approached Will Smith after the slap and asked him to leave the ceremony, which he has refused. Later, they have agreed that he can stay and receive the award, despite being violent to Chris Rock.

Later on, Chris Rock apologized to Jada. Will Smith has won the award for the year’s Best Actor, and that was when he burst into tears. He started talking about family and its importance, as well as about protecting your own family when needed. He obviously tried to calm the situation down, but also wanted to be understood.

Denzel Washington told Will that he should be careful when receiving the biggest awards of his life because “that’s where the devil is”. During the afterparty, we can see that Will Smith was happier than ever, or at least – that’s what photos represent.

In the end, Will Smith apologized a few days later, claiming that violence is poisonous and that it can’t bring anything good.

What is your personal opinion about the Oscar slap?

Do you like Will Smith and his work?

Which of the movies he played in is your favorite one?

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