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The Beauty Industry’s Influence on Women in Society

We talk a lot about the beauty industry’s influence on women because we are trying to change something. You can easily see millions of women worldwide blindly following all beauty trends they serve on the plate. Many spend a fortune on achieving imaginary beauty looks, and a lot of women even suffer dangerous consequences from undergoing different beauty procedures and surgeries.

Besides that, their mental health status declines, and you end up with a woman that doesn’t even remember how she looked before and is completely depressed.

So, is that the main goal of the beauty industry? To make women worldwide think about how they are never enough the way they are, so they will continue spending all the money they have on different products, treatments, and even surgeries. They will forever be the clients of the beauty industry because once you achieve their imaginary goal, it changes, so you have to go all over again!

Don’t get me wrong, it is completely fine to take care of your body and looks, and to become the best version of yourself, but you won’t achieve that by following beauty trends.

I am 100% sure that numerous women who follow the beauty industry’s advice and trends don’t even like them. They don’t like current modern looks, but they will go for it anyway. Why?

Because they think that there is only one criterion for being beautiful! They don’t see their own natural beauty, but rather fit into standards.

Unfortunately, they end up losing their own true spark, and besides that, they never feel happy. It’s an endless circle. Even men don’t like most of the beauty industry’s standards.

What we need to do is to empower all people, and above all women who are sensitive to different beauty standards, to start nurturing their own natural beauty. People should be unique and don’t look all the same – like plastic dolls.

I am completely sure that everyone finds trendy beauty looks quite boring. We don’t want to see women that are all the same! We don’t want to see women who are completely changing their faces and body parts with a purpose to achieve someone’s goal. When does that stop?

Countless young ladies all around the globe have already ruined their health with different beauty procedures and treatments. Yet, they don’t stop doing them! While that being said, it is easy to realize how the situation has become very serious, and above all – ridiculous!

It’s truly madness. To see a beautiful young lady with perfect skin wanting to undergo nose surgery, for example. And the funniest thing of all is that tomorrow they will change the standard of how your nose has to look, and what will you do then? Go to see another beauty surgeon or specialist who will “fix” you, so you can again fit all the beauty “ideals”.

Fake idols are all over the Internet and they are constantly sending messages to young women saying: “You are not good enough.” The funniest thing is that even those “beautiful influencers” don’t look the way they represent themselves.

Have you realized that beauty has become fake since the Internet is here?

Why haven’t we used it to empower a beauty revolution?

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