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No – Australia cannot be called a free country

Nothing changes for good on this planet anymore. When laws become immoral, it is a moral duty to resist them. Following the rules, today literally means following the mark of the beast! One of the best countries that everyone wanted to settle or dreamed of settling is going out of hand. That’s definitely a huge change and it means that barely anyone is free today.

 “The death toll is under 1200. In a nation of 25 million.” The country has mostly been void of Covid for an extremely long time, DUE to the lockdowns. The politicians in Australia must be completely insane! There’s some bigger hidden agenda behind all their decisions, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, we’re heading in the same direction in Europe. Freedom? Does anyone remember what that word means?

This should be an example to the rest of the world of what’s to come if we don’t fight these socialists/communists. If this doesn’t get stopped, it will happen worldwide. Unfortunately, I already see that people won’t stand up together – therefore, everything will be lost.

Manipulative, divisive, and duplicitous people are all around us. They will make their plan come true.

I did not think this would happen in Australia so quickly. We are not safe in any country at the moment, it could be any country next. I can’t believe Australia has become a full-blown Police State. This is what happens when the government says: “Stay inside, nothing to see here, this is for your own safety.”  Police helicopters look for lockdown violators. Officers have fired rubber bullets and tear gas at anti-lockdown protesters, including children. Pregnant women arrested. Pastors are thrown in jail. Democracy? Don’t be silly.

Many people lost their teaching jobs for 12-20 years – for refusing to take the vaccine. Of course, the same is in medicine. Unfortunately, I know many others in different working fields who are facing the same. Too many people agree with the mandates and think nothing of it and don’t have concern for their brother or sister losing their livelihoods. There is certainly a two-tier society here and it is getting worse.  As of the 17th of December, many Australians won’t be allowed to enjoy a coffee at a cafe, no longer eat a nice meal at a restaurant, no longer enjoy a drink at a pub, no longer go out to a club, or even enjoy a live sporting event. Still silent? Your country may be the next one!

The media has divided people and it is becoming us and them. I love all and never imagined their vaccination status would divide a nation but it has. This is exactly what they wanted. Defenseless citizens and complete power. They don’t fear their citizens standing up against them so they’re literally doing whatever they want.

They can’t speak out without being arrested, they are losing their jobs, freedoms, and basic rights as human beings! They claim everything is fine and they are a democratic nation but they have quickly become more of a communist state since Covid all started. They can’t even leave the country if they want to relocate. Trapped, and nowhere to go…

No one deserves such a life. Why is this even being allowed? Arresting women, preachers, citizens, churches agreeing to shots when you should be trusting in God for protection. The fear has eaten many brains…

When are you going to come out of your sleep? Too many people here believe all the lies that the government and the media tell, blinded by fear. This is why our founding fathers wrote into our Constitution the Public’s right to bear arms. It wasn’t to protect us from each other but to help protect the Country from potential threats to the Constitution from our own government.

Most people don’t see the problem – they claim that they still live normal lives. Are you kidding me? The media has done its job well.

Australians were told the same thing – when 80% of people are vaxxed we go back to normal. Over 90% vaccination rate and they are heading right back into lockdown.

We are guilty of letting a few run the rest of us into the ground. If you are willing to live with this sort of control, then you’re not living at all. If people don’t see the writing on the wall then they are blind. Unbelievable, this isn’t going to end well. Good luck Australia, fight back!

“It’s better to die on your feet than to lift the rest of your life on your knees.” 

When people remember what the power of the masses can do, only then will they stand together and fight against their corrupt governments.

Yet, the truth is that the majority of Australians have a former culture of accepting police rule and the majority of those who have come here from overseas do not want to rock the boat, for fear of random deportation. They are used to being scared. It is a very different world when you mix cultures and one’s previous dominant culture recedes as it has.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – AUGUST 06: People are seen exercising in The Royal Botanic Gardens on August 06, 2021 in Sydney, Australia. New South Wales recorded 291 cases in the last 24 hours, the highest number of daily cases since the start of the Pandemic. Greater Sydney is in lockdown through August 28th to contain the highly contagious Covid-19 delta variant. (Photo by Jenny Evans/Getty Images)

Today, in Australia live many different people with their own cultures. Speaking different languages, having various beliefs and habits. If they don’t wake up Australians, no one will… The point is that we should finally understand that all must stand together because this problem is bigger than anything else. Everyone should unite to fight for freedom, no matter the race, age, ethnicity, etc.

It was Delta yesterday, Omicron now, and who knows what name they will come up with tomorrow? 

“But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever.

Take a look at these examples:

– Boating. A permit for driving in state forests and national parks.

– You need to pay registration to own a pet.

– You have to pay for water that you use, and in some state’s you pay for the water you capture from rain.

– You aren’t allowed to get drunk at the pub and you aren’t allowed to walk around in public if you have had more than 4 beers.


Freedom of speech?

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