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8 facial features that make people like you

What makes a face likable? Everyone has heard the expression “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Everyone has a different standard for what they consider “beautiful.” It also suggests that perceptions of beauty are rarely shared. But that just doesn’t prove that this is the case.

Beauty has long been a topic of interest among scientists, writers, artists, and photographers. Plastic surgeons have also become the focus of interest in recent decades. 

Smooth forehead

A wrinkle-free forehead is one of the elements that contribute to a good facial appearance. When the forehead is smooth, the face appears calm and peaceful, which most people find attractive.

You may be carrying a lot of worry and stress on your forehead, which manifests itself in the form of forehead wrinkles. A wrinkled forehead gives the impression that you are stressed or have an unhealthy lifestyle, even if that is not the case. This can cause your face to appear tired, angry, or less friendly to others.

In addition, there are many facial expressions on the forehead (surprise, concern, shock). Forehead wrinkles become even deeper due to facial expressions and can appear exaggerated and unnatural.

Watchful Eyes

Your eyes may be the first thing people notice about your face. Symmetrical and alert eyes are the main cosmetic features of a beautiful face.

And when you’re speaking or giving a presentation, eye contact is very important to get other people’s attention. Attentive and big eyes make you look more engaging and energetic, and your entire face appears more charismatic.

Symmetrical Nose

Your nose is the focus of your face. An asymmetrical and proportioned nose harmonizes with all other facial features.

A straight, elegant nose balances the rest of your face when you smile.

On the other hand, if your nose is too big, too small, too wide, or asymmetrical, your face loses much of its attractiveness for the following reasons: A distorted nose distracts attention from attractive facial features such as eyes, mouth, and cheeks. If the nose is too big or too wide, the eyes and mouth will appear small in comparison.

Full and Happy Cheeks

When people think you are beautiful, they often tell you that you look cheerful or happy. Plump cheeks create a vibrant, vibrant face and are an important cosmetic feature.

Your cheeks play a key role in how you appear to others.

As we age, facial skin loses its elasticity, begins to sag, and forms wrinkles. Signs of facial aging can be obvious on the cheeks. Sagging and sagging cheeks can age your face and leave you looking permanently tired.

Well-defined jawline

Your jawline outlines your entire face. A well-defined jawline gives the face a strong and expressive look, one of the most sought-after facial beauty features.

Sagging jaw skin and sagging chin destroy the sympathetic angle between the neck and chin and give the face a weakened and aged appearance.

The jaw should be neither too wide nor too narrow. A wide jaw can make your face appear too big or too round. However, a narrow jaw can cause your face to be too thin or too small.

Refined Chin

The chin is the final accent of the face. A fine chin can give your face an elegant look. That is why it is considered an important feature of a harmonious face.

A slightly receding chin that projects backward toward the neck disrupts the face’s natural contour and ruins its aesthetic balance. If the chin is too pointed, the bottom of the face will appear too long and too narrow. And if the chin is too round, the bottom of the face appears too short and too wide.

Depending on beauty standards, a dimple on the chin may or may not be a feature of a beautiful face. However, if the chin is too low in the middle, it can appear divided. This can change the proportions of the face, especially in the lower part.

Proportional Ears

Many people don’t realize how important ears are in creating an aesthetically pleasing face. They play a key role in defining the boundaries and proportions of the face.

Ears that are too large or protruding give the impression that the face is too wide or too high. The ears can also disrupt the harmony of other facial features if they are asymmetrical or too large compared to the head.

Plump Lips

Your lips draw much attention to your face, especially when you speak. As we age, lips slowly begin to lose volume due to smoking or other habits. Thin, flat lips can make you look older than you are and disrupt the harmony of your face.

If your upper lip is too thin, it may disappear completely when you smile. This will make your gums visible when you smile. In addition, lips that are too thin or too small can make the nose appear too big or emphasize a protruding chin.

Narrow neck

A well-shaped and fine neck is the basis for the beauty of the face. A turkey neck, double chin, or stripes on your neck can make you look much older, even if you look good. The neck lift treatment or neck lift smooths the neck and refines its contours. It gives the neck a clear contour that flows elegantly into the chin.

Different people and cultures have different standards of beauty. However, when it comes to what makes them likable; the consensus is that a symmetrical, healthy-looking face is simply irresistible.

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