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How to talk to your teen without it leading to a fight

Are you wondering how to keep a strong relationship with your teen during his or her’s tricky age? If you are a parent, or if you know a parent who is going through a hard time with its teen, then continue reading because we want to give you a lot of advice which will help you when the situation ‘become tight’. Let’s see what do we have here together!

dafaf1. Listen carefully. Your teen must know how you are really listening to her or him while talking. If you are constantly trying to tell them how you know something better (which we know you do, but let them speak), they won’t get a feeling that you are listening to them so the situation will obviously lead to a fight.

2. Their true feelings. You must validate their feelings. If you don’t do that, they won’t trust you. Be honest with yourself and remember the times when you were a teen. How did you feel? Vulnerable, right?

3. Trust is everything. This is one of the most important things you must do for a better relationship with your teen. You may be worried about him or her and the time they spend with their friends for example. But, if they don’t trust you, and you are constantly trying to control their life, trust us-you won’t succeed in that mission. Make such a relationship in which your beloved daughter or a son will trust you, so, once they get into a problem they will tell you about it. You won’t even need to ask.

4. Are you a dictator? If you are constantly trying to control your teen’s life, we have some bad news. Probably, you have realized that by yourself already. Connect this fact with the previous one and you will get the whole picture what we are talking about here.

5. Spend some time together. Doing things together with your children is of a crucial value if you really want to meet them. Besides that, while spending time together, you will build trust. We have already said how gaining the trust of your kids is the most important goal you can reach. Also, it is important to realize how they react in different situations.

6. Eat together. Whenever some family lunch happens in a movie or a TV serial, we can see how everyone is talking about their problems and how they have spent their days. Eating together and sharing meals is a great way to connect and talk to your teen.

7. ”I wasn’t like that…” If your teen makes some mistake or if she or he becomes angry and frustrated during an argument, don’t compare them with yourself in their age. Remember how you felt when you were a teen (we have already talked about this in the 2nd fact).

8. Being observant. Yes, you need to realize the changes that may happen with your teen (and those will happen). If they have some changes in the behaviors, mood, eating habits etc., you need to realize that. As you can see, we haven’t told you just to be someone who is constantly letting your teen do whatever they want. You need to be an observant, and with our previous advice above, you will know how to do that correctly.

afsdadfWhat are your tricks when it comes to communicating with a teen?

Do you remember how you talk with your parents when you were in those ages?

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