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10 Non-Negotiable Rules Every Parent Should Set for Their Babysitter

It’s a good approach to give some freedom to your babysitter and baby to have fun, but there needs to be some basic rules that every parent should discuss with their babysitter to follow.

Here are non-ignorable and highly recommended rules that every parent should set for their babysitter

1. Do not watch inappropriate movies or shows around the child: Horror or violent shows are out of question around children but sometimes they demand to watch grown-up shows or movies which shouldn’t be allowed. Those grown-up movies do contain some scary scenes which can traumatize a child. Make sure your babysitter does not play any such movies or shows around the child. The instruction also applies even when the child is sleeping. One can never know when the child wakes up. Instead of such scary and horror shows, make a list of some good shows and hand it over to your babysitter.

adfwf2. Always watch out the Language: Many people use curse words when they talk and a babysitter can be one of them. So it is advisable to discuss with your babysitter in advance to not use any kind of curse words in the house. Sometimes parents ask the baby sitter to avoid softer words like stupid, idiot, etc. As we are talking about the language, it’s not always the words that matter. It is also based on what they talk about. You definitely do not want your child to hear unhealthy talks like death, sexuality, and more. Make sure with the babysitter that no such talks happen around the child.

3. CPR Certified is Must: When it comes to hiring a babysitter for your child the first thing you want to check is their CPR certificate. The CPR course contains some very useful knowledge regarding dealing with the child during emergencies. If the babysitter does not have the certificate, you can ask them to get it first.

4. No food, drink, or medication without approval: Your babysitter must need to know that no food or medication should be given to a child without your approval. Even if your child has a mild fever or cold, ask them to talk to your first. There are plenty of ways to contact you if you’re not around. Even if the babysitter knows about the stuff and is experienced, ask them to approve with you first. Regarding food, it’s advisable to set meals and time of the meal. Sometimes the babysitter might not know about the food allergies your child has so planned meals will help. If possible, write down about all the food allergies in a paper and give it to the babysitter.

5. No social media posts of Child: Your babysitter might be so good and love your child so much, but there should be a strict no regarding uploading any photo of your child on social media. At least not without your permission.

6. No alcohol, Cigarettes, or such stuff: Just like any other job, you definitely do not want your babysitter to influence your kid with these things. Make sure to discuss this before hiring them. The alcohol, cigarettes, and any kind of tobacco should be strictly prohibited in the house, no matter if the child is around or not.

7. Do not introduce new Discipline: Most of the time parents make it clear with the babysitter that they are not allowed to yell at the child. Make sure to have a discussion on this topic and do tell your babysitter how you have managed the discipline of the child. Ask them to not treat your child any other way than the one you follow.

8. No strangers allowed: Your babysitter might feel alone or bored at night when the baby’s in bed, but that does not mean that they are allowed to invite any friend or partner at home. They are doing their job and you are paying pretty well to them so there shouldn’t be any strangers allowed in the house without your permission.

9. Usage of the phone: Many times we have seen the babysitter get stuck in their phone leaving a baby to play on their own. Well, this should not be allowed. Set a time limit to use the phone when they are on duty. Ask them to not take any pictures of your baby or house. If possible ask them to put the phone aside but always handy in case you want to get in touch with them. You can also ask them to keep the phone in their purse and check every half an hour for any important calls.

ngfch10. Do not take the child out without asking: While the babysitter is responsible to handle your child and keep them happy when you’re not around, it doesn’t mean they can take the child outside for ice cream or a walk. Even if the child demands to go out, they need to ask you first. Make it clear that they are not allowed to go out with the child without your permission.

It’s normal to think that it’s too much of a rule to set for a person who handles your baby when you are not around. But, it’s about your child and no one wants any causality when it’s about their child. These rules are very appropriate and necessary, so you should not feel guilty for applying them.

Are you ready to apply the set of rules for your babysitter?

Do you know any such important rules for a babysitter?

Do share it with us in the comment box.

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