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Are we in the End Times? Hollywood caught casting Real Spells!

One of the most exciting and frightening outcomes of technological advancement is the potential to merge our minds with machines. Do you remember the movie named ‘Metropolis” from 1927? It’s probably the first Illuminati movie because in this film they show how they’re merging technology with the occult and Satanism. This being such an old movie was way ahead of its time because now we’re seeing this concept manifest globally.

We’re finding the same concept now with technology as far as its advanced intermingling with the occult. Samsung is now developing that technology that will link your brain up to your TV. Here’s another one, Netflix will allow their viewers to change program with just a stare. Netflix has invented a way for its users to change what they’re watching by staring at their screen and sticking out their tongue. It’s even more interesting when you consider that many of these black screen TV is coming out now. They’re actually calling them mirror TVs as well. The entertainment industry is also kept surprising us with their content and ideas. The creators of Netflix’s spookiest new show really meant it when they said this was going to a dark adaption of the original Archie comic and they haven’t cut corners when it comes to bringing the magic to the screen.

zvsdfThe chilling adventures of Sabrina dabble in satanic worship possession, visions, and blood curses and that’s just first episode. The characters in the series chant real spells and battle dark forces drawn from actual history to the point that the cast members themselves were often fearful that something otherworldly would follow them off-screen. Today, the word “Illuminati” is so widespread and associated with ‘conspiracy’ that it has become satirical in its own right. Yet even as a subject of ridicule, the prevalence of occult symbols in the mass-media in undeniable.

Take this showcase at London Fashion Week, for example. Hosted at St. Andrew church in London, the fashion show was satanic. People behind this fashion show admitted that they were literally doing real rituals in public. They were even utilizing real sigil magic by having sigil’s painted all of the model’s faces. A sigil is an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power. The term has usually referred the pictorial signature of a demon or other entity and is used in ceremonial magic. The particular sigil on the model’s forehead is strongly reminiscent to the Sigil of Lucifer. There are many other such examples. One such example is an older movie called the craft. The girls in the movie used actual Wiccan. How can we not mention the gentleman named “Zach King” who is a former Satanist and he performed satanic rituals inside abortion clinics? Here what he said in one interview in back 2017, “I know abortion is a satanic sacrifice.

Why is the devil intent on killing unborn? Satan does fear certain things and innocence is one. You can’t get more innocence than the baby in the womb.” It’s all about the innocence and purity. This is what the enemy is attacking. We can find the same concepts in the Harry Potter books and the Harry Potter films. Harry Potter is one of the most obvious introductions for the children into the occult and typically the bottom line when it comes to the occult is a hunger for power. Harry Potter and the rest of witchcraft promises that power Harry Potter provides a basic initiation into witchcraft for a whole generation. So, this beast system is manifested to the point where kindergarten children can find Harry Potter on TV.

sdfsdfChildren are then led on to horror films and many Wiccan and Pagan websites. Through the Harry Potter films, in particular, the ancient occult religion of Wicca has been introduced in almost every public school in America. Through Harry’s world of sorcery, children have learned what tools today’s witches and pagans use. Supernatural imagination, spiritual concentration, wands, spells, and curses. We can clearly see how reality is mixing in with entertainment. How can we forget the scene when a topless activist from the feminist group tried to snatch the statue of the baby Jesus? Even recently one of the famous face “Ariana Grande” did a recent video called “God is a woman”. So, again we have that rise of this mother goddess. She was shown sitting on the top of the earth. Read more here –

Are these sign of the end times?

Here’s a good example, the could call ‘eye of God’ appears in the sky above Kazakhstan. Coincidentally or not Kazakhstan is what many people believe is the capital of the Illuminati here on this planet. So interesting it is that we are seeing an eye of God manifest above this city that many people claim is the capital of the Illuminati! There’s also more to this. If you notice, you’ll see there’s tons and tons of footage from all around the world of the sky is literally turning purple. Every now and then, they’ll find some kind of a reason for this but it definitely doesn’t apply to all of them.

We see such examples all around us, all the times which is the rise of Satan. There’s a lot going on right now in this world and we are definitely in the season of the end times. Of course, we are not sure about the date but the signs are there. The symbols are there.

What else we need? But this is not the time to live In fear, it’s time to armour up and be prepared spiritually for everything that’s happening and everything that’s going to happen.

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