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Do you clean your home too much? You won’t after reading this!

Everyone is talking about good hygiene, yet, no one is talking about what happens when people start cleaning their environment a little bit too much. Of course, it is a must to clean your home once a week, still, there are some diseases which may appear if you become obsessive with cleaning, dirt, and dust… Check out the list below and find out what are the dangers of cleaning your home too often!

Allergies. People who clean their house more than once a week have a higher possibility to become allergic to something. If you didn’t know, living in a sterile home may weaken your immune system. I have allergies and I may tell you how that is one huge problem. You don’t want to spend your whole life on pills, right? You don’t want to have problems with eyes, sinuses, and lungs? Then you know what to do-lower your cleaning expectations!

All those chemicals… In the nowadays market, there are too many products for this purpose. You have a special product for cleaning your windows, another one for your bathroom, the third for the oven and this list can go on and on. But, have you ever thought about how many chemicals are you letting be in your house? What about their effects on your hands, eyes, respiratory system? These chemicals are very dangerous and most of them are even cancerogenic.

asdasdSkin problems. You can connect this fact with these two above to get the whole picture. When I was younger, I had problems with eczema a lot. It is so frustrating and there is literally no cure for it. I had problems with it for more than 10 years after I have finally moved out of my parents. What happened? My mom used very harsh chemicals to clean the house. That caused me serious skin problems. I have also claimed how I have problems with allergies. Is that because of ”too clean” environment? Maybe, but eczema definitely was.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder. If you didn’t know, cleaning too much may also cause you some mental problems. People who clean their house too often and too much often suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is a serious problem which can ruin your life and make you feel constantly tired (because of the thoughts which won’t leave your mind). So, if you cannot sit calm while the blanket is on the couch, you definitely have a problem with ”a tidy home”.

Depression. It is scientifically proven that people who clean their home too much and too often most of the times suffer from depression. You know how it goes, different people handle depression differently. They express it in different ways. Some people eat too much, while others start cleaning their home too much.

hgfghScientists claim how being too tidy can be as deadly as being too dirty. Keep that in your mind if you want to have good health. Also, life is not about cleaning. Your home is there to serve you. You are not its slave. Love your home and spend time in it with your beloved family. And yes, forget about cleaning for a while if you have recognized yourself in any of these statements.

Do you know someone who cleans their home a little bit too much?

Are people really aware of the dangerous toxic chemicals which are in the cleaning products?

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